High school volleyball team previews

Buchholz, along with junior Sydney Richeson, left, and senior Kandace Tice, opens its season on Tuesday at Neptune Beach Fletcher.

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Published: Monday, August 25, 2014 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 6:54 p.m.

Volleyball capsules

Position key: OH=outside hitter; MH=middle hitter; RS=right side; OPP=opposite hitter; S=setter; MB=middle blocker; DS=defensive specialist; L=libero


Buchholz Bobcats

Coach: Jacque Robinson Huggins (2nd year)

District: 3-7A (Atlantic Coast, Fleming Island, Fletcher)

2013 record: 21-7 (district champions, regional quarterfinalists)

Returning starters: Kelly Collins, Sr., OH/L (sidelined with torn Achilles); Sydney Richeson, Jr., L; Kate Hellkamp, Jr., S; Imari Ashley, Sr., MB

Expected contributors: Eslie Nero, Jr., S/DS; Johnna Mantel, Jr., MB; Geena Schafer, Jr., MB; Sofia Reed, Jr., OH; Kandace Tice, Sr., OH/DS; Brittany Buchannon, Sr., RS/OH; Ashlynn Garcia, Sr., DS; Cassi White, Sr., DS; Kathryn Hall, Sr., DS

Season opener: Tuesday at Neptune Beach Fletcher, 6:30 p.m.

Note: Last year Bobcats lost to Oviedo in five sets in regional quarterfinals. The Lions went on to win the Class 7A state title.


Columbia Tigers

Coach: Heather Benson (1st season)

District: 2-6A (Gainesville, Middleburg, Oakleaf, Orange Park)

2013 record: 11-12

Returning starters: Jara Courson, Sr., OH; Hanna Baker, Sr., S; Lacey King, Sr., DS; Grace Harry, Sr., RS; Hayes Fulford, Jr., MB; Madison Plyn, So., MB/OH

Expected contributors: Jazman Myers, Jr.; Alanis Koberlain, Sr.; Zoe Norris, Jr.; Morgan Hartopp, Sr.; Glendasha Johnson, Sr.

Season opener: Tuesday vs. Keystone Heights, 6 p.m.

Note: Benson previously coached at Suwannee in 2012-13

Gainesville Hurricanes

Coach: Eddie Maynard (4th year, 87-50 overall record)

District: 2-6A (Columbia, Middleburg, Oakleaf, Orange Park)

2013 record: 16-12 (district runner-up; regional semifinalists)

Returning starters: Kaelyn Nash, Jr., MB; Jennifer Rosado, Sr., RS; Morgan Forrest, Sr., L.; Kelcee Legrand, Sr., DS; Aubrey Woodley, Sr., OH

Expected contributors: Kyliee Carney, Sr., OH; Emily Watts, Jr., S; Ale Nossa, Jr., DS; Sydney Nash, So., MB/RS; Julia Kendall, Sr., MB; Misha Patz, Jr., S; Samantha Cousins, Fr., DS/OH

Season opener: Thursday vs. St. Francis, 7 p.m.

Note: In Eddie Maynard's previous three seasons, the 'Canes have reached at least the regional semifinals all three seasons, including the state semifinals in 2011, losing to state champion Tallahassee Leon.


Eastside Rams

Coach: Erin Maynard (2nd season)

District: 5-5A (Belleview, Lake Weir, North Marion)

2013 record: 11-17 (regional semifinals)

Returning starters: Heather Page, Sr., MB/OH; Maggie Carnes, Jr., MB/OH; Aaliyah Harris, Sr., L/DS; Tia Sewell, Sr., RS; Mekyala Williams, Jr., S

Expected contributors: Jasmin Brown, Sr., MB/OH; Katie Moss, Fr., OH

Season opener: Tuesday at Bell, 7 p.m.

Note: Rams lost to state finalist Belleview in four sets in the regional semifinals in 2013.

Suwannee Bulldogs

Coach: April Greene (1st season)

District: 2-5A (Rickards, Wakulla)

Returning starters: Savannah Laneave, So., OH; Hannah Mosley, Jr., MH/MB; Briana Shearer, Jr., S; Lily Wyche, Sr., OH; Molly Vogel, Sr., L

Expected contributors: Jaylin Roberts, Fr., MH/MB; Kailey Greene, Fr., OH; Haylee Deas, So., DS

Season opener: Tuesday vs. Lafayette, 6 p.m.


Fort White Indians

Coach: Becky Larson (1st season)

District: 5-4A

Returning starters: Bailey Robinson, OH; Arianna Hall, OH; Cheyenne Patterson, OH; Rykia Jackson; Elizabeth Morgan, DS; Ashley Cason, S

Expected contributors: Hannah May, OH; Brooke Johnson, OH; Jordan Waller, S; Desirae Roberts, OH

Season opener: Tuesday vs. Hamilton County, 6 p.m.

Interlachen Rams

Coach: Tonya Hays (2nd season)

District: 5-4A

2013 record: 4-14

Returning starters: Kaedi Gillman, Jr., OH; Miranda Polk, Jr., MB; Hannah Pliska, Sr., L; Megan Lundy, Jr., OH/S; Sahara Richards, Sr., L/DS

Expected contributors: Cheyenne Walker, Jr., S; Jerrimae Bedenbaugh, So., MB

Season opener: Tuesday at Trenton, 6 p.m.

P.K. Yonge Blue Wave

Coach: Chad Davis (2nd season)

District: 5-4A

2013 record: 28-2 (regional finalists)

Returning starters: Ja'cara Walker, Jr., OH; Sammy Mueller, Jr., S; Gabby O'Connell, Jr., OH; Courtney Chappell, Sr., RS; Kiki Sermons, Jr., MB; Cameron Childs, Fr., DS/L; Jaq Mueller, 8th grade, DS/S

Expected contributors: Amanda Phegley, Fr., MB; Simone Harris, Fr., L

Season opener: Tuesday at Oviedo, 6:30 p.m.

Santa Fe Raiders

Coach: Paqui Peon (1st season)

District: 5-4A (Bradford, Fort White, Interlachen, Keystone Heights, P.K. Yonge)

2013 record: 17-11 (regional quarterfinals)

Returning starters: Meagan Irish, Jr., MB; Whitney Drost, Sr., OH; Haley McCollum, Sr., S; Ashton Marshall, Jr., L.; Kaylee Herring, Jr., OH; Caitlin Lander, Jr., OH

Expected contributors: Kathryn Forrester, Sr., RS (returns to Santa Fe after one year at St. Francis)

Season opener: Wednesday vs. Newberry, 6:30 p.m.


Oak Hall Eagles

Coach: Drew Schaeffer (1st season)

District: 3-3A

2013 record: 11-14

Returning starters: Alexis Perry, Sr., L.; Jillian Gibbs, Jr., MB; Megan Hess, Fr., RS; Morgan Mowery, So.,, MB; Peyton Ross, Jr., S; Savannah Clark, Sr., OH; Sky Martin, Sr., OH

Expected contributors: Ali Schackow, Jr., RS; Amanda Perry, Fr., S; Brooke Evans, Sr., DS; Caroline Werner, Jr., RS; Emily Wiechmann, So., DS; Morgan Gaston, So., DS

Season opener: Thursday at Eastside, 6:30 p.m.

Note: Schaeffer coached at Ocala West Port in 2012-2013 and replaced longtime coach Cari Martin.

St. Francis Wolves

Coach: Jesus Montalvo (1st season)

District: 3-3A (Oak Hall, St. Johns Country Day, St. Joseph)

2013 record: 27-4 (state semifinalists)

Returning starters: Audrey McNamara, Sr., OH; Grace Herrington, Sr., DS/S; Abby Benton, So., OH; Emily Herrington, Jr., MB

Expected contributors: Meghan Mitchell, So., S; Emily Brandis, So., RS/MB; Beohlein Smith, Fr., RS/MB; Madison Mazon, So., L/DS; Darya Rajaee, Fr., DS; Alexis Straffuss, Jr., MB

Season opener: Tuesday at The Rock, 6:30 p.m.

Note: Wolves made back-to-back state tournament appearances under former coach Nick Cheronis, named Santa Fe College's first volleyball coach. Montalvo coached at The Villages in 2012-2013


Bell Bulldogs

Coach: Lisa Barry (2nd season)

District: 6-1A (Bronson, Hawthorne, Hilliard, Trenton)

2013 record: 19-9 (regional finalists)

Returning starters: Baylee Rolling, Sr., S; Shelbie Hutto, Sr., OH; Ashton Mathews, Jr., MB; Katarina Kresovic, Sr., L; Ashley Williams, Sr., OH/DS; Raychel Thomas, Sr., S; Katelyn Blong, Sr., OH

Expected contributors: Cassidy Panchyshyn, Sr., Utility; Jori Waddle, Jr., MB; Ashley Pastuszek, Jr., DS

Season opener: Tuesday vs. Eastside, 7 p.m.

Note: Bulldogs lost to Hilliard in five sets in the regional finals in 2013. Bell last reached state tournament in 1995.

Bronson Eagles

Coach: Sherrie Schuler (18th season)

District: 6-1A

Returning starters: Jasmine Parker, Sr., OH/S; Brittany Riley, Sr., MB; Jan Gonthier, Jr., OH; Allie Phillips, Jr., S/DS; Jenae Humble, Jr., DS; Crystal Short, Sr., RS

Expected contributors: Yelena Thomas, 8th grade, S/RS; Kaya Miller, Jr., RS/DS

First match: Today at Interlachen, 6 p.m.

Chiefland Indians

Coach: Debra Weeks (2nd season)

District: 7-1A

2013 record: 12-12

Returning starters: Kira Telgen, Sr., MB; Lauren Parker, So., S

Expected contributors: Takiya London, So, MB; Sheila Engel, Jr., MB

First match: Today at The Rock, 6 p.m.

Note: Weeks previously coached at Chiefland from 2000-2006.

Dixie County Bears

Coach: Karen Durham (3rd season)

District: 7-1A

Returning starters: Katelyn VanAernam, Sr., S; Katie Jones, Jr., MB; Allie Rogers, Sr., OH; Brittany Mitchell, Sr., OH; Jessica Storey, Sr., MB

Expected contributors: Hannah Robson, Sr., L.; Tori Rollison, Sr., DS

First match: Tuesday vs. Taylor County, 6:30 p.m.

Lafayette Hornets

Coach: Sonya Land (7th year, 112-20)

District: 5-1A (Branford, Hamilton County, Jefferson County)

2013 record: 18-5 (district champion, lost to Bell in regional semifinals)

Returning starters: Haley Ellefson, Fr., OH; Bri Powe, Sr., MB; Kasey Edwards, Sr., RS; Ashley Freeman, L/DS

Expected contributors: Ciana Hill, So., MH; Lacey Swafford, Jr., OH

First match: Today vs. Williston, 6 p.m.

Note: Hornets won back-to-back state 1A titles in 2011 and 2012.

Newberry Panthers

Coach: Sherrod Moseley (first season)

District: 7-1A (Chiefland, Dixie County, Union County, Williston)

2012 record: 17-12 (district runner-up, regional champion, state semifinals)

Returning starters: Kelsey Harris, Sr., OH; Sydney Daugherty, Sr., OH/MB; Mariah Sapp, Sr.., S; Marcey Cheramie, Jr., DS; Jessica Mackenzie, Jr., MH; Lexus McCray, So., RS; Grace Daugherty, So., MH

Expected contributors: Rebekah Denmark, Sr., DS; Megan Silcox, Sr., DS; Sydney Bates, So., RS; Mackenzie Grawcock, So., S; Cheyenne Marin, So., OH; Hannah Mackenzie, Fr., OH; Ashley Oelrich, Fr., OH

First match: Today vs. Trenton, 6:30 p.m.

Note: Newberry reached its first state tournament in 2013, one year after winning its first playoff match in 2012.

Trenton Tigers

Coach: Lynsey Grant (2nd season)

District: 6-1A

Returning starters: Ginger Deen, Jr., OH/MB; Kylah Dawson, Sr., S; Kacee Langford, Sr., DS

Expected contributors: Standrea McHenry, 8th grade, OH/MB; Summer Sanchez, Jr., OH; Jaycee Thomas, So., DS; Carleigh Hartzog, Jr., OH/MB

First match: Today at Newberry, 6:30 p.m.

Union County Tigers

Coach: Trudy Andrews (7th year, 92-55)

District: 7-1A

2012 record: 17-8

Returning starters: Kayla Andrews, Sr., OH; Tristyn Southerland, Sr., OH; Lilly Combs, Sr., S; Kaylan Tucker, Jr., MB

Expected contributors: Devin Lewis, So., RS; Madelyn Kish, Fr., MB; Madison Adams, Fr., RS

First match: Today at Crescent City, 6 p.m.

Williston Red Devils

Coach: Anthony Dacanay (first season)

District: 7-1A

2013 record: 20-7 (district champion, regional finals)

Returning starters: Shabree Porter, Sr., MB/OH; Megan Dixon, Sr., S/OH

Expected contributors: Samantha Barwick, Sr., MB; Ashley Robinson, Sr., DS; Kay Graham, Jr., DS/L.; Cole Bullock, Jr., OH/DS; Skylar Munden, Jr., S; Sarah Smith, So., RS/S; Arena Acree, Fr., OH/RS; Kayce Kavanaugh, Fr., OH

First match: Today at Lafayette, 6 p.m.

Note: Dacanay replaced Kim Nivala, who led the Red Devils to the regional finals, losing in five sets to Newberry. Williston last reached state in 1998.


Cornerstone Academy Cougars

Coach: Bob Nicols (1st season)

District: Florida Christian Athletic League

2013 record: 13-11

Returning starters: None

Expected contributors: Hannah Grooms, L; Jessica Higginbotham, MB; Ann Marie Herrera, OH

First match: Today at Palatka Peniel Baptist, 6 p.m.

All home matches played at Westside Family Life Center

Note: Nicols replaces longtime coach Stephanie Wyatt, who now coaches at The Rock.

The Rock Lions

Coach: Stephanie Wyatt (1st season)

2013 record: 23-8

Returning starters: Allie Card, Sr., OH; Maddie Fletcher, So., OH; Chaeli Norwood, So., DS/L

Expected contributors: Madison Wyatt, Sr., S; Bri Smith Hines, Sr., MB; Megan Read, Sr., MB/OH

First match: Today vs. Chiefland, 6 p.m.

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