Letters to the Editor for April 21, 2014

Published: Monday, April 21, 2014 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 11:38 p.m.

Service to the people

I read with sadness that our beloved tax collector, Von Fraser, passed away. He was quite ill but still attended meetings and did the people's business with the best work ethic and attitude I have ever seen.

He always had something good to say. He was always involved and encouraged the same of others. Watching him hold up political signs before elections on very hot or cold days was motivational and inspiring. He was just always out there doing something that he strongly believed in.

Von's life, among other things, was about service to the community that elected him to stay in office. Perhaps one way to honor him and others who serve the community on such a high level would be to establish some type of service award that specifically honors city and county workers. “The Von Fraser award for fantastic service to the people” might be a fitting award name.

Jonathan Coron,


Batch of numbers

Please, Frank Stronach, take your 30,000 head of cattle and your billions to a state that does not depend on an aquifer for its water supply. Better yet, convey the entire 65,000 acres to Florida with the proviso that the land remain in its natural state.

You would endear yourself to all Floridians, in particular the St. Johns water district managers, who by this time have realized that the latest batch of numbers are just that — a batch of numbers.

Shirley Wiltshire,


Combined companies

My husband and I have been season ticket holders and contributors to the Hippodrome Theater since moving to the area in 2010. We also hold season tickets to the UF's Constans Theater and attend performances at the Acrosstown Repertory Theater, the Actors Warehouse, the Gainesville Community Theater and the Phillips Center.

We are distressed at the thought of our community possibly losing one of our performance venues — and the one at the heart of our town. While I do not know what the bureaucratic complications might be, would it not be possible for the Acrosstown Rep, the Actor's Warehouse and the Hipp — all of which seem to suffer from an overabundance of cost vs. income — to come together in the one venue, the Hippodrome?

I see this as a way to bring greater audiences to their wonderful productions while aiding the finances of all three companies.

Geri Smith,


Great entertainment

I just had to let readers know about a great piece of entertainment available at High Springs Community Theater. "Proof" by David Auburn is an excellent play with an amateur cast, yet bordering on professional delivery. It's well worth the trip and most certainly worth the price of a ticket. Be sure to see it!

Sue Angermeier,


Natural medicine

If I were a UF College of Pharmacy student, I, too, would be concerned about marijuana, a plant anyone can grow in their yard or even on their patio (column, April 14). It is a painkiller, tranquilizer, mood and appetite enhancer, seizure reducer, eliminator of chemotherapy effects and who knows what else, since no real research has been done on its merits. Big and small pharma must be quaking in their Gucci boots

I can say that, at 75, I've used it for over 50 years, including daily for the 30 years I lived in California, and experienced nothing but good results. When I moved to benighted Florida, with its always Neanderthal politics, I quit cold turkey, also with no ill effects (except for wishing I didn't need to quit).

Rob Roberts,


Memorable moments

"Remembering the ride" and "An amazing streak" (articles, April 13) were more examples of the artistic headlines brought to us by The Sun staff. Their entertaining articles and photographs of our UF 2013-2014 men's basketball games were outstanding. Add to this Pat Dooley's wonderful insights and you have impressive reporting.

Having said that, our main thanks go to the amazing team and its individual stars who provided a season of pure joy. Our family could not wait to watch each Gator game because we knew that special and memorable moments were on their way. Our thanks to a wonderful group of Gators for a great job. You all did us proud.

Jack and Sally Hayes,


Pejorative term

Let me weigh in on the debate over the term "wheelchair user" vs. "wheelchair bound." I am an actual wheelchair user — yes, user — even though I fit the definition of the people labeled "wheelchair bound" by Joan Carter in her April 14 letter.

"Wheelchair bound" is a pejorative term that feeds into the prejudiced view that people who use wheelchairs have limited lives. Carter evidences this attitude herself with her letter's final statement that assumes that those of us who use wheelchairs are always yearning to be changed from our "bound" state.

It's this attitude that can cause difficulties for us, but for the most part, we wheelchair users are busy leading our varied, always interesting lives.

Sandra Lambert,


Lawless members

With its support of the law-breaking rancher in Nevada, the tea party is finally exposing its true nature as an organization that supports law breakers. They may wave the U.S. Constitution but they don't believe in it.

The USA is a nation of laws. The un-American tea party doesn't seem to accept that premise.

I believe in the rule of law and that the law breakers should be tried and imprisoned when they break the law; the rancher should be jailed and his cattle sold.

If the tea party disagrees with the law, the Constitution provides means for changing laws. But ironically with the do-nothing Republican/tea party-controlled Congress, nothing gets passed.

It's time for the hypocritical tea party and its lawless members to be booted out of office before they destroy this nation.

M.L. Stein,


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