Letters to the Editor for Jan. 15, 2014

Published: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, January 13, 2014 at 9:36 p.m.

Irresponsible act

I implore the University of Florida to stand its ground and retain the ban on guns in dormitories.

After UF lifted the ban on guns in cars on campus, my first reaction was wondering how many students will have to be killed before people come to their senses. Allowing guns in dormitories is the most irresponsible act that I can imagine.

A university the size of UF has a wide spectrum of young people attending, some mature enough to handle the responsibility of handling a deadly weapon.

I would suggest that they are out-numbered by young people who are not yet fully matured and responsibly developed. After all, we send our children and grandchildren to an institute of higher learning so they have the opportunity to learn and mature.

We all know stories of binge drinking, parties that get out of hand and the temptation to experiment with drugs. Now the gun-rights people want to throw guns in the mix.

Georgia "Pete" Vickers,


Well-regulated militia

What is Florida Carry Inc. Executive Director Sean Caranna's rank in the "well regulated Militia" specified in the Second Amendment of our Constitution? Will he take responsibility for those members of that militia who "keep and bear arms" on the University of Florida campus?

Will they all be as well trained and as self-disciplined as George Zimmerman? Come to think of it, maybe online education will prove to be a life saver.

Asa Godbey,


Morally wrong

There are several companies here in Gainesville manufacturing various kinds of "drones." It is the position of members of the Occupy Gainesville group that the military use of drones is morally wrong, and should be severely curtailed and also transparent to the public.

We have met with one of the principals of a local drone manufacturer, and we are aware that there are thousands of uses for drones. We are very concerned that this new technology is developing without the public's awareness of the surveillance and offensive capabilities this technology affords the military in particular.

Occupy Gainesville agrees that it is important to call attention to this issue, and we intend to do that by picketing the Prioria company today at 11 a.m. Please join us there.

John Fullerton,


Entire country

Recently President Obama proposed another of his gems. He calls them "promise zones." He is proposing to cut taxes and regulations in these zones, in the belief it will stimulate job creation, hiring and economic growth. Obama has chosen five areas of the country that he believes need this treatment the most.

Wouldn't it be great if our president would open his eyes and maybe listen to someone who would feed him truth? Maybe then he would see that his policies have led to job stagnation, poor growth and high unemployment.

Maybe the ideas of the job growth idea he is proposing in these zones could be tried for the entire country. It seems to me there is a real lack of common sense in the White House, and many Americans are suffering because of it.

Dean Tate,


Problems at home

After reading Michael Gerson's Jan. 10 column, I had to say stop giving every other country in the world (that's about 150 of the 190 United Nations members) our money to prop up their governments.

How many hundreds of billions is that? Why not use that money to feed, insure and bring down deficit spending. Israel says it is in the black, so why are we giving them $2 billion a year?

How about we let all those other countries stand on their own two feet while we take care of some of the problems we have at home?

Richard Moore,


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