The Picks: Injuries have defined season

Georgia senior quarterback Aaron Murray is going for his third straight win over Florida in Saturday's neutral-site game in Jacksonville. (AP Photo)

Published: Friday, November 1, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 11:27 p.m.

Boy, it's a good thing we have the targeting rule this year so we won't have to deal with a lot of injuries in college football.

Yes, that was meant to be sarcastic. I'm sure there have been seasons like this one with so many players limping around. I just can't remember one.

Forget Obamacare, we need O-linemancare.

It's part of the game, but this season has been defined by injuries. That and my excellence in picking games.

After the first bad week of the season for Dr. Football (I'm blaming it on a sore pinkie), last week was another perfect 10-0. Not only that, but I've been picking pro games for my daughter's pool in her office in Los Angeles and nailing them, too. (We play a fun game where she tries to guess the nicknames of each team. The Seattle Umbrellas? The Carolina Barbecues?)

For the year, the record is 73-17 and I'm ready to make it a November to remember.

Florida-Georgia: Here's the state of the two programs — I think I could beat either team if you gave me a lineup consisting of all the players who are out with injuries. Providing they were healthy, of course. I just don't think Florida will be able to score enough to beat the Bulldogs. If you thought Florida's offense was conservative before, wait until you see it with Tyler Moore at left tackle and Trenton Brown at right tackle. The Gators may punt on second down. The difference in this game will be that Georgia has a healthy, elite quarterback. Georgia, 28-13.

Miami at Florida State: I spoke to the Gator Club in Tallahassee on Tuesday night and if you think this season is making you miserable, try living in the middle of all that 'Nole-love. It's only going to get worse. FSU, 45-24.

Tennessee at Missouri: This would have been a classic upset pick because Missouri has injuries at tailback and is dealing with the letdown of losing last week's heartbreaker. But Tennessee isn't winning this game with its starting quarterback out with a thumb injury. Missouri, 28-13.

Mississippi State at South Carolina: This week on “As The Clowney Turns,” the South Carolina defensive end tells the New York Times that he didn't practice hard last season. Jadeveon is a great player, but he's becoming more annoying than Johnny Manziel. South Carolina, 24-16.

Auburn at Arkansas: I tweeted this out earlier in the week, but in case you don't follow me (and apparently a lot of Auburn fans do) — Auburn has countered Arkansas allegations that some of the game tape the Tigers sent to the Hogs was deleted. They wonder where all the touchdowns and tackles are on the Arkansas video. Auburn, 35-10.

Michigan at Michigan State: Maybe I'm being provincial or maybe it's because of Ohio State, but these two teams seem to be having the quietest one-loss seasons in the country. I mean, this is a huge game in the Legends Division (I looked it up), right? Michigan State, 21-14.

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech: Talk about a quiet one-loss team, the Cowboys can make some noise with a win in Lubbock. But Lubbock is a tough place to go get a big win. Or so I've been told. Texas Tech, 34-31.

USC at Oregon State (Friday): The Trojans have been playing better since Lane Kiffin was fired. No real surprise there. Oregon State, 34-21.

Wisconsin at Iowa: Bucky Badger had last week off. Iowa beat Northwestern. Isn't it odd how Northwestern fell apart after a visit from GameDay? Wisconsin, 23-12.

Navy at Notre Dame: Another typical football Saturday means a handful of marquee games and a bunch of dogs, which is how this made The Picks. Notre Dame, 28-14.

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