Dean Jordan: Keep Gainesville green (and weird)

Published: Monday, October 21, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 7:14 p.m.

By Dean Jordan

Special to The Sun

The very idea that we would have to pay to ruin what has now become a very beautiful open space should send all of the citizens of Gainesville down to whomever dreamed this up, drag them out on the corner and make them stand there for two weeks until they figured out just how bad for us this deal really is.

I'm writing about the University Corners project. What in the world would our fair city need with 500 more apartments? Why would we allow the very structure and look of our fair city to degrade to a Tampa/Lakeland/Orlando look of horror and shame?

If we're so big on giving stuff away, how about giving us, the citizens of Gainesville, the open space?

There is no reason for us to allow this to happen. It will not benefit the current residents, the future residents, the neighborhood, the look of the city or anyone except some more greedy developers who can't do math and don't understand the difference between infinite and finite.

I'm so enraged by this stupid idea that I'm thinking we need a referendum to stop it. It's time we took the developers out of the picture of future city planning.

Gainesville has always been hostage to its desires, and tell me what we've gotten for it?

Look at that abomination across from the stadium where an entire street was commandeered. What sort of political clout does it take to do that?

Again, who does it benefit? It's a complete eyesore, brings more of the worst kind of people into the area, changes the look and feel of our community, and does nothing for our local economy.

Please spread the word, stop this rush to cram every single open space with vertical floors of over-priced, under-specced construction rubbish, and leave the middle of our town alone, unless you seek to A. Improve it (that does not mean lining your pocket with green at the expense of the locals). B. Increase our tax base (which this does not). C. Improve the look and feel of Gainesville. (nope, none of that here).

Didn't we pay for some of our city elders to take some trips to look at how other communities had “improved” their spaces Did they learn nothing? Why are they so willing to sell us all right down the Suwannee?

Yes, I'm fired up. Keep Gainesville green, and a little weird. Stop this insanity.

Dean Jordan lives in Gainesville.

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