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Published: Sunday, October 20, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 4:48 p.m.

Letters to The Sun on U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Gainesville, and recent editorials and columns about him:

Spending problem

I will be happy to tell The Sun why it is wrong about Ted Yoho. The country does not have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. Ted Yoho and a courageous handful of others are trying to rein in the the runaway spending of the Obama administration.

Conservatives in Congress are taking the only Constitutional action available to them to preserve the republic. Obama's out-of-control spending will devalue the dollar, collapse our economy, and destroy prosperity for everyone in the country, especially the poor.

Ted Yoho is doing his best to put the brakes on the profligate and wasteful spending of the Obama administration and he has my enthusiastic support!

Marty Pickard,

High Springs

Keeping his promise

My husband and I moved to Gainesville from Canada in 1995. One of the reasons we made the move was to start a new business but also because we had admired the U.S. Constitution and the concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for many years.

Ted Yoho is one of our first federal government representatives who not only understands the Constitution, but has the principles so well established in his being that he can express and explain his positions better than most of his colleagues. Moreover, he has the backbone to stand up for these principles and is therefore keeping his promise that he made in the oath of allegiance when being sworn in to office to “support and defend the Constitution … against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Based on these ideals, we helped to get him elected and we support him now in his efforts to revitalize the Constitution and to help get rid of the socialist policies that are inundating this great country.

Sally A. Hayes,


Truth-telling politician

Rep. Ted Yoho is doing exactly what he was elected to do by the majority of voters from this district.

He is a truth-telling politician (that is an oxymoron) and he is doing everything he can to get this horrible government back on track. In my 67 years I never lived in fear of the U.S. government until these past five years -- now I do. I fear for what is about to happen to this once strong country.

It will be politicians and activists who share the same visions as Yoho that will bring this country back to its former greatness, not the liberals and those who have no problem with spending funds that are not available. Those of us who take personal fiscal responsibility believe the government should do the same.

So keep on bashing Yoho -- he's in D.C. attempting to bring the country to its senses while you sit in you Gainesville office, bury your head in the political sand and complain!

Lois Crist,

Fort White

Incredibly embarrassing

It's incredibly embarrassing to have a "representative" who: 1) Received the Business Insider "Dumbest Thing Said About the Debt Ceiling" award. 2) Did not support back pay for furloughed workers, while he continued to collect pay during the shutdown. 3) Has a total lack of compassion for the 50 million Americans who struggle to eat every day, while he jokes: "I have to differ with the gentleman from Maryland. He says there's 50 million starving people in America today. I disagree with that. I think there's 330 million people starving at least three times a day. We call it breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Rep. Ted Yoho certainly embarrasses the citizens he took an oath to represent, as well as all Americans who look to their elected officials to provide wisdom and thoughtfulness to the Constitution and its fragile place in today's world.

Suzanne Ball,


Majority of voters

When I read the recent columns by Nathan Crabbe and Ron Cunningham, I would say that The Sun may have forgotten that Rep. Ted Yoho was voted in by a majority of the voters or else we would still have Cliff Stearns in office.

I, for one, am happy that Yoho is standing up and a lot more of the Congress should stand up for what is right and not worry about their re-election. The slanted reporters on TV and the newspaper need to lay off of our congressman.

Let's stop the tearing down of the tea party, too, because we are the grassroots and will be here for a long time. The more the tea party is torn down, the more members we will get, because we want less government in our lives, lower taxes and most of all less regulations on our freedom.

Darlene Pifalo,


Good work

Thank you, Rep. Ted Yoho, for trying to stop our Democratic liberals from spending money they don't have. I wish I could increase my credit card limits anytime I feel like it!

May I now suggest that you work on how much money we spend on others overseas, in countries that don't want our help and don't respect what we give them, such as the lives of our young patriots. Cut their bank accounts! That alone might just help pay for for Obamacare.

Keep up the good work, charge on.

M.L. Morrison,


Democratic process

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. It was debated and voted on by Congress, signed into law by the president and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Many of the letters to the editor in recent days have repeatedly emphasized this point. Further, many of those same letters excoriated Rep. Ted Yoho for ignoring the democratic process to change/repeal the law thereby forcing a government shutdown with his defiant acts.

Where is the outrage at President Obama for doing the same? He too sidestepped the democratic process by granting waivers to thousands of businesses and delaying the employer mandate without a Congressional vote. It is untenable to demand that one elected official follow the rules yet not expect it of another.

Carey Brodbeck,

High Springs

Condescending and derogatory

“Enlightened” Gainesville-centric progressives, including Sun editorial page editor Nathan Crabbe and former editorial page editor Ron Cunningham, are beside themselves these days. Principled members of Congress, including North Central Florida's representative, Ted Yoho, are actually doing their jobs, fighting to uphold the US Constitution and preserve the strength and integrity of a truly “sustainable” America for future generations.

Recent condescending and derogatory editorials directed at Yoho are not surprising. Local media, along with most mainstream media, is an extension of and apologist for the Obama administration.

Yoho does what his district elected him to do -- what's best for the long-term health of his district and country. He's unwilling to be part of applying Band-Aids, when painful, but life-saving surgery is required.

Yoho knows the government must figure out how to live within its means; ultimately, the strong medicine of fiscal responsibility is required for a strong, healthy economy and country. Defunding ObamaCare is a good beginning.

Kathy Benton,


Moral responsibility

Although I respect Congressman Yoho's efforts to balance the budget, I am more than disappointed by his adamant and vociferous objection to raising the federal debt limit.

If he became CEO of a corporation, he would share ethical and moral responsibility for honoring the firm's previous commitments and contracts, even if it meant increasing lines of credit or borrowing more to do so. To refuse to pay for previous commitments unless you are granted concessions or modified terms is a violation of fiduciary responsibilities. It is a bad faith position to take and is ethically and morally untenable.

Similarly, a new member of Congress shares in the responsibility for paying for previously legislated commitments and expenditures, even if it means increasing the federal debt limit. To refuse to pay for previously legislated commitments unless terms are modified or concessions are made is as unethical in the public sector as it is in the private sector.

Don Stanhope,


Exorbitant cost

I am a furloughed federal government contractor. That meant no pay and benefits during the Harry Reid Shutdown. That means no back pay once it is over. It really, really hurts having to dig into my savings to pay bills.

Let's talk about October 2014: If Obamacare is still around, there will be more people without health insurance than there are today. There will be more people employed in part time jobs than there are today. Millions of young Americans will either pay the non-enrollment penalty or face the unreasonable exorbitant cost of Obamacare.

America's debt will still be crushing its citizens, even if the spending outrage is checked.

I want to thank Congressman Yoho. He held on to the values we so desperately need. Both political parties have failed us. Please continue to stand strong for reducing government, reducing spending and defunding or delaying Obamacare.

Lane Watkins,

Lake City

Take a stand

I fully support Congressman Ted Yoho. He needs to stand tough against the Democratic Party and not give in to their demands. I am retired military and will most likely would have not received VA benefits if the shutdown continued. I would have rather lost this money than get forced into Obamacare.

Many Americans do not want this and it's being forced on Americans. Anytime the budget must be cut, Democrats take away from the military and veterans. It's time to take a stand!

Greg Baker,


Integrity and courage

Congressman Yoho is the strong voice of his constituents in Washington. He knows we stand at the precipice that determines if our American way of life falls to its death or survives. I appreciate his integrity and courage.

The Affordable Care Act is not affordable, already causing businesses to downsize and many to lose jobs, health insurance or part of their income. It will fine everyone not having health care, take our health care decisions away from us and the elderly will be deemed expendable, not worth treating.

It's doubtless that the shutdown hurt thousands. However, ACA will hurt 316 million.

Robin Heath,


Protecting my rights

I support Congressman Ted Yoho and am thankful he is taking a stand to protect my rights and speaking up for the American people. May God Bless you and keep you safe.

Emily Hines,

High Springs

Naughty tot

I read in The Sun about Ted Yoho gleefully reading congratulatory texts off his personal cellphone. Por favor! Who were they from, his mother? If someone would be kind enough to send me Yoho's personal cellphone number, I would gladly text him my thoughts about the government shutdown and his role in trying to defund the Affordable Care Act.

I'd like to hear him read my texts during one of his interviews! And he is "planning for a bigger act of defiance," is he? What's he going to do next, throw his rattle out of the pram? What a naughty little tot he turned out to be!

Lori Hardcastle,


Full support

I'm sure you receive letters from people who dislike Rep. Yoho and I'm sure you print them for all to see. Therefore, I want you to know that I support him 100 percent in what he does for his constituents and so I think you should also print my letter as well as those from others who support him.

Print both sides, not just what The Sun prefers to print. All the news for all the people, not part news for part of the people

Patricia Compton,


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