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Published: Sunday, October 13, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 4:03 p.m.

Letters to The Sun on recent comments by U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Gainesville:

Best for all

Rep. Yoho is a classic example of what's wrong with the American political system. Here is a man who is stubborn, close minded and has never heard of the word "compromise." Mr. Yoho lacks something so basic to be any type of political representative. He is sorely lacking in diplomacy.

Most of us don't like or agree with the Affordable Care Act. But it was passed as law! Why is Yoho along with his amigos Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz continuing with their tantrum?

Politics is not about pandering for the loudest minority, politics is doing what is best for all of us. How can Yoho sleep at night knowing that we are about to default on our loans and approaching an economic catastrophe? Who is this guy who is so smug, knowing that research right here in Gainesville has stopped on many levels and he is OK with that?

Maria Giddings,


Look in the mirror

So Rep. Ted Yoho says that he doesn't think we should ever raise the debt ceiling again. Huh? If he's so strongly against all that government spending, then maybe he should explain why Republicans in Congress voted for it to begin with.

As he, better than most of the rest of us, knows, President Obama can not spend one single dime that hasn't already been approved by Congress. The only reason we're on the verge of going over the debt limit ceiling is because the Congress, including the House of Representatives, run by Republicans for almost three years now, told the President to spend that money.

Every cent of the money being spent right now was laid out in bills introduced by Republicans, run through Republican-led committees and passed by Republicans. Rep. Yoho and the rest of the Tea-Party crowd seem to think it's fine to run up a huge credit card bill, but then pitch a fit at the credit card company when the bill comes due. And he decries the lack of "leadership" in Washington? Look in the mirror, "representative."

Tom Bennington,


Big picture

In reply to the flurry of letters and the editorial published by The Sun opposing Rep. Ted Yoho's political stance, I am saddened by the citizens who are so supportive of the advancement of government that they cannot see the big picture of our country's future insolvency.

It is clear that the reliance of our government on borrowed and fraudulently printed dollars can only lead to ultimate disaster, yet many citizens insist on continuing the out-of-control government spending that has brought us to this fiscal crisis. Are we so reliant on government handouts that one cannot even contemplate what it is going to take to stop this insanity?

So, Congressman Yoho, stay true to your principles. You have the solid support of your constituents who understand that now is the time to take action to actually cut government spending.

Bill Newsom,


Best interest

To those who may not be aware of the national media coverage on Rep. Ted Yoho, I urge you to take the time to look it up. It is enlightening. And frightening.

If you, like me, disagree with Yoho's views and approach to achieving his means and shutting down the government, let him know. Because our congressman has indicated that he is emboldened by what he perceives as a lack of local opinions in opposition to his own. Yoho's office email address is and his local office's phone number is (352) 505-0838.

If only our country's economic fate could be separated from Yoho's nave belief that his own business savvy is going to save us from ourselves. Yoho is our entire community's representative and if you do not feel he is representing yours, your family's or your country's best interest, make sure he and others know that.

Jeannine Brady,


Wasted salaries

Rep. Ted Yoho and the rest of the do-nothing Republicans are lucky the shutdown furloughed “non-essential” personnel.

If useless people were furloughed, Yoho and the rest of the Republicans would be sent home.

That would be a tremendous savings for American taxpayers; all of those wasted six-figure salaries would add up to millions in savings.

Yoho and the useless Republicans must go!

M. L. Stein,


Relentless attempt

I want to comment on your relentless, biased, non-fact-based attempt to besmirch our honest representative, Ted Yoho. Particularly amusing was your editorial's suggestion that since Yoho was University of Florida educated, he should have “learned” to be progressive leaning while there.

Wednesday's letter section — which featured seven of the usual socialist suspects, while admitting only two Yoho supporters — correctly illuminates your paper's position.

John Cutright,


Economic terrorist

Regarding the Oct. 8 editorial on Ted Yoho, Tom Friedman, an internationally respected journalist, recently wrote that this country was created by geniuses and is now being run by idiots.

Yoho is an economic terrorist who is about to do more harm to this country than any foreign terrorist with a bomb. He brags about his "Christian" values and votes to take food out of people's mouths and puts hundreds of thousands out of work causing grief to millions. He wants to deprive millions of basic health care. He flaunts his patriotism and refuses to follow the law of the land approved by its highest court. How un-American is that!

Hal Cohen,

High Springs

Economy in peril

Although the law remains in its infancy, Rep. Ted Yoho is so gifted intellectually that he knows the Affordable Care Act is a bad idea. So convinced, in fact, that he is willing to put our economy in peril for years to come. His arrogance and petulance have morphed into a prescient certitude that drives him to save us from ourselves.

Rep. Yoho, I beg you to stop trying to help! I sent Yoho an email to express my concerns, to which he responded with a rambling diatribe of tea party bumper stickers and Fox News sound bites. Yoho and his tea party yahoos literally make me ill.

I will start feeling better when the Affordable Care Act succeeds and Yoho loses his seat in Congress, which my own prescience tells me will occur simultaneously.

Sam Collins,


No one reading

Several people have recently written to The Sun stating that they did not receive responses to their messages from our local congressman, Ted Yoho. I have written to him about various topics, including my support of Obamacare, in which I asked him why he is so opposed to his constituents obtaining health insurance. I have received replies, but they only explain that he cannot answer specifically because he is too busy representing me in Washington. He follows with a list of activities, all of which are opposed to my own views.

Recently, though, I did receive a specific reply. He thanked me for my message in opposition to Obamacare. Say what?

His claim that his constituents are largely opposed to Obamacare seems to be based on: (1) no one is actually reading the messages and (2) anything mentioning Obamacare is construed as negative.

Barbara Barletta,


That is blackmail

Several years ago, I took the opportunity to move from north of the Mason-Dixon line to south of it. Little did I know that the geography of the old Confederacy would continue to wallow in the stigma of pre-Civil War political divisiveness.

I fully appreciate that we have Republicans and Democrats in this country. I expect differences. Post Civil War, typically, the differences have been accommodated by the ballot box. Not so in the current disfunction of our government.

In today's government, those who fail to muster enough votes to pass laws have taken to hooliganism. They attempt to subvert legally binding statutes by taking hostage disliked laws. To thwart the peoples' preferences, they use the archaic practices and procedures of the one part of a single branch of federal government under Republican control.

Their members, including Rep. Ted Yoho, threaten to crash our economy unless their demands are met. That is blackmail.

Bud Byrd,


Delusional ideology

While Congressman Ted Yoho may be a competent veterinarian, he has no business contributing to policies in a field where he knows nothing and is opposed by literally thousands of economists and financial experts across the country. In pursuit of a delusional ideology, he risks not only the well-being of hundreds of thousands of federal employees, their families and those who depend on their services, but also the global economy.

Further, both the congressman and his office staff give evasive and dishonest responses to constituents who disagree with him. According to the article appearing in The Sun on Oct. 6, he responded to a constituent's concern about the government shutdown by saying that “we're working on getting something resolved here” when in fact he is obstructing resolution. I have experienced the same sort of transparent word games when interacting with him.

This narcissistic and deceptive man is not worthy of representing anyone in Congress.

Phyllis Saarinen,


Real scare words

Lloyd Bailey's Oct. 9 letter supporting Rep. Ted Yoho was both laughable and frightening.

When I read “government-educated fools,” I knew that Bailey has been drinking the Kool-aid offered up by the tea party. This toxic brew has poisoned all too many vulnerable minds, and neither facts nor logic can reverse its effects.

Just below the Bible (“God's law is the supreme law of the land”) tea partiers claim to revere the U.S. Constitution. Thus Bailey asks where in the Constitution is “socialized medicine” supported. Perhaps he should read the Preamble. (By the way, Obamacare is not socialized medicine.)

Bailed spews out other tea party scare words like “communist,” “socialist,” “parasites.” That's language Hitler used before the Putsch! The real scare words are not mentioned by the Tea Party and its supporters like the Koch Brothers and the American Legislative Exchange Council.

I recommend readers Google this pair of words: dominionism and Ted Cruz.

Susan Bergert,


Oh no, Yoho

Upon reading Sunday's story about Rep. Ted Yoho and with apologies to “Pirates of the Caribbean” — “Yoho, Yoho, to private life with thee/You punish the old and the sick and the poor/Oh no, Ted Yoho, oh no/You're acting just like a spoiled child of four/Oh no, Ted Yoho, oh no/Yoho, Yoho, to private life with thee!”

Burt Kempner,


Shame on Yoho

Shame on you, Ted Yoho

Babz Hackett,


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