Tibetan prayer bells bought in N.M. come with a high price

Published: Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 2:49 p.m.

Q: I purchased the Tibetan bells in the attached photo at an antiques shop in Santa Fe, N.M., for a high price. Do you know what they would be worth?

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These flattened hat-form Tibetan prayer bells were purchased in Santa Fe, N.M.

Photo courtesy of John Sikorski

— D.D., Internet

A: I am not sure what you mean by a high price for your flattened hat-form Tibetan prayer bells. Since you purchased them in Santa Fe, it is likely you mean the price paid was at the premium level due to the retail artistic community that exists there. I think they would sell in the $250 to $500 range for the two sets.

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Q: My friend asked me to email you. I guess what I need is a link to a reputable collector of Elvis memorabilia. She has a photo with her cousin cutting Elvis' hair on a ship. The cousin's wife took the photo, and it was while Elvis was in the Army. Other than her cousin's name, she has no other information about the photo, and there is nothing written on it. Thank you for your help.

— N.T., Gainesville

A: I assume the Elvis photograph is not autographed. It would be best to sell the photograph through an auction company that specializes in Hollywood memorabilia, singers, actors, movie stars, etc. Juliens Auctions in Beverly Hills, Calif., is one of the big boys on the block in such items. The website is Good luck.

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Q: Attached is a photo of a rag doll made for my mother in 1918. The shawl and kerchief are from a handkerchief, and the head is a black stocking or sock. There is some damage, mouse nibbles on top of the head, and some wear on the skirt edge. I would like advice on the best method of selling it, and any value it has. I tremendously enjoy your column and radio show.

— E.G.J., McAlpin

A: Thank you for the kind words. Since you are interested in selling your doll, it would be best to use an auction company that specializes in dolls. Theriaults Antique Doll Auctions is one of the big boys on the block. The website is Good luck.

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Q: I have a statue with a broken leg that I need to have repaired. May I have the phone number of a person who might be able to repair it for me?

— S.S., Internet

A: I suggest you contact Leak Enterprises in Belleview at 245-8862. They can take care of your statue. I have had very positive feedback from folks who have had restoration done there.

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