H. Dane Mottlau: The myth about alleged Obama failures

Published: Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 4:02 p.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 4:02 p.m.

I write in response the Dean Tate's letter of Sept. 17. He berates President Obama for alleged "failures" in his presidency. I am puzzled about where he gets the information to support these conclusions.

Let's review the president's alleged "failures." First, Obama came to the presidency in 2009 following the severe financial crisis of the fall of 2008 that occurred after eight years of Bush/Republican economic policies. Obama and his economic team stopped the free fall and instituted policies and actions that kept our economy from falling into another Great Depression.

Second, he pushed for and got passed the Affordable Care Act, which by all credible studies (the Congressional Budget Office, the Kaiser Foundation, etc.) assisted in halting the climb in health care costs, will reduce the premiums paid for health insurance and will allow all Americans access to affordable health care.

Third, he stopped our country's involvement in the war in Iraq that was started by Bush and was solely paid for by increasing the national debt by billions. Obama is also in the process of extricating us from Afghanistan. With two sons in the military I'm thankful for that.

Fourth, on Syria, his threat of limited military intervention drove Russia and Syria to propose abandonment of Syria's chemical weapons. Obama, not Putin, was the first to broach that idea (see all credible news reports before Putin ever spoke). Russia is nothing but a go- between, and wants to keep its Naval base on the Mediterranean. Assad used the weapons because he was losing to the opposition. He will eventually fall because the U.S. and its allies will start, in earnest, reinforcing the opposition.

Fifth, since Obama took office government spending and employment are down for the first time in decades, and the increase in the national debt is declining (see Congressional Budget Commission reports and articles by highly reputable economists such as the Nobel Prize winning Paul Krugman). All this despite the fact that he now has to deal with a Congress with its right wing members whose mentality is just short of 18th century thinking. Without them we could have an equitable immigration law and sane gun control.

It would appear that Tate gets his information from listening to Rush Limbaugh on his car radio, watching Sean Hannity on Fox News, and believing the garbage that the right wing dishes out in its million dollar TV ads. Rather than listening to and watching these ignorant pundits I would suggest Tate get on his computer and do some research of credible and factually based studies and sources.

H. Dane Mottlau lives in Gainesville.

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