Letters to the Editor for Oct. 2, 2013

Published: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, September 30, 2013 at 11:05 p.m.

White elephant

The biomass plant is a white elephant that we have agreed to feed. Let's not buy it and be responsible for cleaning up the mess it creates.

We should not buy a problem of unknown magnitude such as this.

European biomass plants have come to Waycross, Ga., to build a plant to supply fuel. Germans have bought thousands of acres of timberland near Homerville, Ga.Biomass problems can be unknown and extend a long way.

Let's not spend money to buy this problem.

William Dicker,


Killing our people

Marta Artenzio-Mills died last month from a motorcycle accident. She was part of a group riding to Daytona Beach to see the sun rise and then backtracking across the state to Cedar Key to see the sun set. What a horrendous ending to a fun day.

My son also thought riding motorcycles was “fun.” He has had three motorcycle accidents. The first one he broke one ankle. The second one he broke the other ankle. Thank God he had a helmet on both times.

Since he ended up with a permanent limp, I was sure he would never ride that motorcycle again. But he ended up back on a motorcycle and broke both ankles.

I have talked with many doctor friends who said they would never even think about getting on a motorcycle because they have seen too many emergency room cases. Motorcycles' are our un-chemical weapons killing our own people.

Jeanne Rochford,


Young heroes

Recently three children intervened on the scene of an animal abuse incident by asking a man to stop a vicious assault on a dog. The unknown attacker fled.

Violence against animals and children is the vilest form of bullying and is escalating. Although no parent would advise a child to take such a risk, the character of these children in doing the right thing is commendable. Once the assailant is apprehended, perhaps a percentage of the $5,000 bounty offered by PETA should be shared with the young heroes.

Let's hope, with a reward in the offing, some adult will have the children's courage and step forward to help bring this barbarian to justice. Animal cruelty isn't only wrong, it's illegal.

Linda Tuttle,


Better grasp

During U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho's recent town meeting, he asserted that he thought the Affordable Care Act was the most flawed piece of legislation in history. When pressed further, it became apparent that his questioners had a better grasp of the bill's specifics than Yoho did.

His opposition appears to be based more on ideology than any understanding of the merits of the law. For him, health care is a commodity to be sold to those who can afford it. Given the market price of health insurance and treatment today, if he has his way, health care will become a luxury beyond the reach of all but the wealthy.

Is the Affordable Care Act a perfect law? No, but in this case the perfect is the enemy of the good. It is a step in the right direction to make sure everyone, regardless of income level, has access to quality health care.

Tony Oliver-Smith,


Americans care

Media commentators keep calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” or “the president's health care law.” Fact is, this law was enacted by the U.S. Congress. Presidents don't enact laws. Only Congress can do so.

Yet House Republicans blather on as if President Obama did it all by himself. They're so dedicated to defunding the Affordable Care Act they don't mind putting America's “full faith and credit” at risk, and shutting down the federal government. They hate Obama that much.

Or maybe they're just anarchists. Or maybe they don't give a damn. The same House Republicans recently voted — without any public hearings — to defund food stamps.

Who needs food stamps? Poor people. Who needs poor people? Not those Ayn Rand Republicans, who think if people are poor, it's their own fault, so who cares if they die — of hunger. Or for lack of health care.

Most Americans do care.

Richard Hiers,


Arrogant man

The Republicans want to delay the train wreck called Obamacare for a year, since by all accounts it's confusing and unworkable. Obama calls them obstructionists. However, he himself has delayed the employee mandate and given concessions to numerous companies.

He refuses to negotiate. It's his way or the highway. A majority of Americans in numerous polls are against this bill in its present form and this now includes the unions.

The Democrats voted to plow ahead and they and the president have disregarded the will of the American people. We are no longer represented. We have the most arrogant man ever to hold the office of president. He is also the most dangerous.

Eileen M. Maren,


Diluted program

It is no surprise to me that there are many glitches in the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. It is in no small part due to the diluted program that emerged from the compromises made by the administration. If a single-payer plan had been approved, the contorted manner required to launch and execute the current program could have been avoided.

Privileged people with hard hearts have tried to block and complicate what should be a simple right as an American citizen. Now their tactics have created problems that they are attributing to their political opponents.

Just imagine if you needed “navigators” to help determine where you should purchase your national military services and determine what security plan is the best for your household's safety. Safety and security would not be your right. It would be a function of your income, the state in which you reside and the level of your legislators' integrity and concern.

Debbie Miller,


Shameful spectacle

We are watching a shameful spectacle of House Republicans expressing their willingness to shut down the government causing harm to our country and its citizens. Why? To “defund” the Affordable Care Act; to keep uninsured Americans from being able to purchase affordable health insurance.

Their reasons vary from ridiculous to outright lies. They bombard us with misinformation. Here is what they are not saying: Insurers can no longer cancel your policy if you get sick; insurers can no longer set lifetime limits on how much they will pay for your medical bills; no co-pay for proven preventive measures (e.g. cancer screenings, immunizations, screenings for gestational diabetes, well women visits, etc.); premium rebates if insurers underspend on care vs. administrative costs.

These are but a few of the benefits. Consumer Reports has published a clear explanation of the act and its benefits.

Sandra Powers,


Democratic values

In response to the Sept. 24 column by Kathleen Parker: She appears to be misguided, misinformed and obviously not an Obama supporter.

Unfortunately, she is among friends in her endeavor to discredit the president. I can only surmise that her reasons has to do with the color of his skin. He has continued to embrace democratic values which we hold dear, in spite of the Kathleen Parkers of the world,

In one especially disturbing part of her column, she compares implementation of the Affordable Care Act to sending cruise missiles to Syria, using the term “collateral damage.” Such inflammatory demagoguery, making health care the moral equivalent of war, can only be attributed to ideology and pandering to those who would do anything to keep people who need coverage from receiving it and assure the president does not accomplish anything.

Rosemary Christy,


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