Hope shows appreciation to pastor

Hope to the World Church held a Pastor Appreciation program Friday for the Rev. Robinsky Reed and first lady Sandra Reed.

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Published: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 5:16 p.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 5:16 p.m.

Hope to the World Church members received powerful messages about the importance of showing appreciation to their pastor, the Rev. Robinsky Reed and his wife, First Lady Sandra Reed.



* Pastor: The Rev. Robinsky Reed.

* Location: 1734 SE Hawthorne Road.

* Services: Sunday school is 8 a.m., followed by morning worship at 9 a.m. Bible study and prayer meeting are 6 p.m. Tuesday.

* Phone: 352-376-6447.

Held Friday night at the church, the 2nd annual Pastor Appreciation service featured remarks by Apostle Frank Clifton of Gateway Christian Center in Gainesville and a sermon by Marilyn Green, pastor of Archer Church of God in Christ.

Evangelist Jeanette Armstrong of Gainesville presided over the service, which ended with church members Reshone Flanders and Robert Wells presenting a gift to the Reeds.

"It is not an option to show appreciation to the man and woman of God," Wells said. "It's a commandment, so when God put it on my heart, I said I don't need the pastor's approval, I don't need no board approval, I don't need my wife's approval because I got approval from the holy ghost."

During his remarks, Clifton said a lot of people don't respect pastors like they should because they don't realize the importance of God's messengers. He said there is a spirit of disrespect toward pastors that is permeating in a lot of churches.

"If they are the messengers of God, then you should be thanking God for them," Clifton said. "They are speaking into your life, and if they are not speaking into your life, that means that you don't even know what a pastor is."

He ended his remarks by offering words of encouragement to Reed.

"Pastor, keep on doing like you are doing," Clifton said.

Green preached from II Kings 4:8-17. Her subject was, "What You Do for the Man of God, God Will Do for You."

She said the primary roles of a pastor are to "feed his sheep" and lead the people of God.

"According to Ephesians 4:11, pastors were given as a gift to the church, but many times, the church will try to use the pastors," Green said. "But when it comes time to show appreciation to the pastor, you have to wonder where are all of the members."

She said although some people may be more educated than their pastors, they don't have the same anointing as their pastor.

"There are some people who think because they have more education, they ought to be the one always telling the pastor what to do," Green said. "Your education is one thing, but the anointing of God is another."

Near the end of her sermon, she talked about how a woman in the scripture suggested to her husband that they prepare a resting place in their home for Elisha because she discerned he was a man of God. She said Elisha sent his servant to ask the woman what he could do for her to repay her for her kindness.

She said the woman told the servant that she did not need anything. However, she said the servant told Elisha the woman did not have any children and her husband was old. She said Elisha then told the woman that God was going to bless her with a child.

She said the woman was blessed because she wasn't selfish.

"You have to understand that when you open your home up for the man or woman of God, God is going to bless you," Green said. "When you open up your pocket book and your wallet for the man or woman of God, God is going to bless you."

Reed, who has been in ministry for 32 years, spoke briefly at the end of the service.

"I thank you all for your love, and I thank all of you for your presence here tonight," said Reed, who founded the church eight years ago. "I thank you all for your blessings and your encouragement, and I thank you all tonight for being a part of one great big family called the people of God."

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