Letters to the Editor for Sept. 14, 2013

Published: Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 9:33 p.m.

Scott's priorities

Gov. Rick Scott wants to cut our taxes.

That sounds great — when every child is fed and housed; when every pregnant mother gets appropriate health care; when the homeless have food, shelter, medical care and legal advice; when every Floridian has some type of health insurance; when our water is clean and plentiful; when our roads are repaired and safer; when every child is given the opportunity for college or technical training, when ...

Janet Tucci,


Rankings reversal

What? I thought I would never see this: UF is ranking academically higher (14th among public universities) than in football (20th in the coaches poll)!

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Pierre Ramond,


Hick university

The University of Florida should not be ranked very highly. We traveled this summer from Naples to Savannah, Ga., by car, and enjoyed classical music on FM radio all the way except in the UF area.

Until UF has a 24/7 classic music FM station, it should remain a hick university.

Jean Derouge,


Just snacks

School lunches are purchased from a contract that is not in the best interest of schoolchildren. The lunches are just snacks, not a healthy meal.

Not every student is overweight. The students could stay focused more in the classrooms if they were served a lunch, not a snack. Food should be purchased from local farmers, not a vender.

Georgia schools give free lunches regardless of their parent's income. Florida should do the same.

Jane Greene,


The Tebow way

Let Tim Tebow play. Linda Tuttle is 100 percent correct (letter, Sept. 5). Tebow is the best person to attempt the pro football game. His style is unique and the pros cannot recognize this. Tebow is his own person and he would be a terrific asset to any pro football organization.

Let him play “the Tebow way” — he manages to make so-so teams superb. Look at what he did for the Broncos and the Patriots. John Elway is jealous and Bill Belichick does not have a good quarterback after Brady.

G.B. Richards-Minto,


Hateful critique

Charles Krauthammer's venomous and hateful critique of President Obama's handling of the Syria crisis was stomach turning (column, Sept. 7). His utter contempt for the president of the United States is obvious. Nothing the president can do or say would mollify this serial hater.

Clayton Smith,


Hypocritical voice

Although I don't have an answer to the Syria problem, to bomb or not to bomb, I find it curious that one of the strongest voices to bomb is the man who gave back the medals he won in Vietnam back in the '60s. Is Secretary of State John Kerry a hypocrite?

Denny Gies,


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