Roz Miller: Spirit of Gainesville nominee

Published: Monday, September 9, 2013 at 11:32 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, September 9, 2013 at 11:32 a.m.

I nominate Roz Miller for the Arts category of the Spirit of Gainesville Award my nomination is based on my personal knowledge of Roz’s commitment to promoting the Arts in Gainesville.


Roz Miller


Category: Arts

About Roz Miller

Occupation: Artist

Years in Gainesville: Life long resident

Being an artist her self, Roz Miller understands how interactive the arts are in our daily lives. Art not only enriches our surroundings it feeds our souls. Roz had been in the forefront of supporting both professional and emerging artists in our community, she serves as the vice president and longtime board member of the Gainesville Fine Arts Association. For the past twelve years she has been an active member of the GFAA, with a strong belief in the mission upon which the GFAA was founded in 1923. Roz has promoted the organization and its work tirelessly. Through her efforts the GFAA has become stronger and more secure to continue its mission of supporting and promoting the Arts in Gainesville.

Over the years Roz’s public relation skills have been used to promote GFAA events and its activities; including the GFAA Art Festival at Thornebrook, the GFAA Winter Fine Art Fair at Tioga and now the Annual GFAA Art For All Seasons show at the Doris. Through her leadership these three events have grown in public awareness making them three of the five largest Art events in Gainesville. Using her background in radio and public speaking Roz has been an eloquent and effective spokesperson for GFAA.

An idea person, her vision for GFAA celebrating 90 years; 1923- 2013 was to hold a major exhibition and reception as a fundraiser. This culminated in the debut of Art for All Seasons, establishing another annual tradition for GFAA and the area’s art loving public. As event chair, using her organizational skills Roz planned all phases of the project securing community sponsorships and advertising support, writing press releases and radio ad copy for the ad campaign and arranged five event articles. The judged exhibition showcased 160 artworks from 78 artists from around North Central Florida to a standing room only reception.

Roz Miller has enriched our community through her dedication to the Arts, and promoting their importance in our community. Her work has made it possible for the Gainesville Fine Arts Association to help other artist show their work, promote their profession and grow in their development. We need more people like Roz giving their time for the Arts community in Gainesville. I have found her abilities include: reliability, dependability, availability and accountability.

Nominated by Charles M Sapp

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