Letters to the Editor for June 11, 2013

Published: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, June 10, 2013 at 4:09 p.m.

Wrong place

A nine-acre commercial solar power plant is proposed in a residentially zoned neighborhood in the Idyllwild/Serenola conservation study area near Paynes Prairie.

Sybac, a German subsidiary, will be paid about $8 million of your county money via your Gainesville Regional Utilities bill. Your $8 million will disappear from Alachua County forever.

Taxpayer money should be spent on roads, education, law enforcement, fire, libraries, transit, etc. in Alachua County — not Germany. A cattle-dipping vat had been located on the site and allegedly leaked carcinogenic chemicals. The power plant's construction could cause those chemicals to be released into our environment, next to a bald eagle nest and draining into Paynes Prairie.

This is simply the wrong place to build a major commercial power plant.

Protect your rights! Please attend the County Commission meeting tonight at 5 p.m. The future of Alachua County depends on the voice of citizens like you.

David Locascio,


Vitriolic distortions

I am one of those "liberals" who is so roundly cursed by some of your letter writers, yet I listened to the Star 99.5 FM regularly to keep abreast of the vitriolic distortions and name-calling being dished out by our local extreme conservatives — tea partiers, if you will.

Programs such as Talk of the Town never failed to bend anything and everything into something to be hated, despised, yelled at and damned. I recently tuned in 99.5 FM and heard some nice music.

Hearing pleasant, lively music made me realize how much the old Star radio had dragged me down every day with their screaming hate mongering.

Gainesville is a better place with that noise pollution off the air. Thank you, "out-of-town" owners and managers.

Gary Ihas,


Free movement

Why is part of Northwest Eighth Avenue being narrowed from four lanes to two? Common sense, and the laws of physics, tell us that reducing the diameter of a pipeline will reduce the flow through it, unless the velocity in the pipeline is increased. After narrowing, can we expect a speed limit of 90 mph along that stretch?

Bike lanes and sidewalks don't require reduction in the number of lanes. Two alternatives: 1) Widen both existing sidewalks, designate one for bikes, and the other for pedestrians; or 2) Widen the entire roadbed — public land is readily available on both sides.

Traffic is not arbitrary. It moves in directions and places where people want or need to go. For an elected official to actively seek to impair our free movement takes a special kind of arrogance. The Sun should press the officials to state openly what their real goal is.

Tom Wittmer,


Self extermination

Colorful monarch butterflies once abounded. About a billion monarchs migrated annually between Mexico and North America. Their 6,000 mile round trip required two or three generations northward, but only one generation southward.

Last winter monarch migration was only 5 percent of normal. Human actions, especially deforestation in North America, have decimated them. Monarchs may soon join passenger pigeons among species exterminated by mankind.

Passenger pigeons were formerly earth's most abundant birds. Audubon reported a flock flew above him for three days with almost 300 million birds passing hourly. Hunters using mass killing techniques slaughtered countless pigeons. In 1914, the last passenger pigeon died in a zoo.

Humans risk eliminating another multi-billion species. We overheat the planet, accelerate violent weather and destroy essential food and water resources. I hope we practice cooperation in time to cut self-extermination risks.

Lee Bidgood Jr.,


Propagating hate

I want to make sure I have this correct: The main people who object to the Boy Scouts of America eliminating a clause that excludes boys who are gay, or believe they may, are churches? Churches, houses of God that teach about Jesus' love are the loudest voices against this decision — not hate groups, but churches? I don't understand how you people can sleep at night as your main thrust is protecting a rule that allows hate to propagate.

What in the name of Jesus are you teaching your children? Shame on you all. This change simply offers the benefit of the lessons that Scouting offers to all boys. They don't plan on holding lessons on how to be a gay Scout, just a Scout.

It's very simple: Treat each other as you would like to be treated, a rule almost all religions and people agree upon ... but only in theory.

Cindy Diven,


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