Letters to the Editor for June 7, 2013

Published: Friday, June 7, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 4:44 p.m.

Appropriate locations

We are strongly opposed to the building of Prairie View Solar Park for three reasons: 1) It is completely incompatible with current land use in this part of the county. 2) It eliminates the possibility of having trees in a very large area of the Paynes Prairie buffer. 3) It introduces an increased likelihood for traffic on a narrow country road.

We have rented or owned property in the Rocky Point Road area since 1972. The northern margin of Paynes Prairie between I-75 and U.S. 441 has always been an area of agriculture, silviculture and single-family residences. There has never been any industrial development there.

The continuity of a canopy, even broken by low-density housing, is preferable to this large solar array. Even clearing of the 9.18 acres for pasture would be preferable to the array.

Surely there are dozens if not hundreds of more appropriate locations for this solar park elsewhere in the county.

Peter and Anne Meylan,


Needs change

The City Commission's vote to move forward on the payment of $1 million from Nathan Collier to purchase land which was to be preserved in perpetuity has been on my mind recently.

In January 2013, the Nature Centers Commission voted against such a sale and the commission chair wrote a letter that pointed out that there is the expectation that conservation lands would be protected indefinitely. But this is not what is going to happen. The preserved lands will in all likelihood be given to Collier so that he can have a buffer for more privacy.

There is no way that future lands can be protected in perpetuity for the public once a transaction such as this occurs. The idea that the Collier family will protect these lands forever is a very nice promise but one which cannot be honored in this way.

Families change and their needs change. And agreements can be forgotten.

Joyce Dewsbury,


Clear and shameful

Just when I think I am too cynical about the bias of The Gainesville Sun, I realize I am not cynical enough. The lack of coverage afforded to a serious attack against our laws and Constitution by President Obama and his appointees is shocking.

Last weekend it was reported elsewhere that the Ohio IRS agents testified under oath that they were following orders from Washington. Newsworthy? Not to The Sun.

Were a Republican president to have used the IRS to attack political opponents, it would have been newsworthy. I would have thought, silly me, that even The Sun would have taken a strong editorial position condemning Obama's attacks against freedom of the press. No other administration has ever gone after reporters rather than leakers.

I guess the freedom of the press is only of real concern when the heavy-handed boot of government is attacking views you support. That is now clear and shameful.

Edward B. Harmon,


Nothing is free

Federal government grants and handouts are not going to get this once great country back on its feet. They're weighing us down and setting us back. How about showing some fiscal responsibility to hard-working American taxpayers and just say no?

Lest you forget, it's our money you're spending. Nothing is free. Recipients of our money can easily become users for life. That's enabling. The federal government has become like a drug dealer in this scenario and it's a disservice to everyone involved. These cash addicts are the last ones to ask for help and they need it. I am so tired of hearing the elected officials state, "If we do not take the funds, some other city/state will," so let them get more in debt.

To all our elected officials — it's time to remember who put you in office. For the nonessential programs, just say no.

Ralph Kubicsek Sr.,


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