Letters to the Editor for June 4, 2013

Published: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, June 3, 2013 at 2:37 p.m.

Liberal bastion

It has now become blatantly obvious that Gainesville is an extreme left community. That's not just an opinion but a fact and in the same vein as the Justice Department's attempted subversion of the First Amendment with its AP email debacle.

What are these facts? First: Jake Fuller and Ward Scott's show on 99.5 being cancelled immediately when Jake stated to a caller to their show — "It's these out-of-state owners that really don't have a feel for the community, so they're changing the format." Can't handle even minor criticism? Cancel the show!

Second: "A mayor who is politically or personally in conflict with the majority of the City Commission can speak for himself, but not for the city. Such an imbalance leads to power struggles, dysfunction, and two voices," Voice of the Voters for April 9 on Gainesville.com.

Imbalance? Dysfunction? Two voices? Freedom of speech? Not in this liberal bastion!

Mike Whitehead,


Voter suppression

Our new mayor and his left-hand man are exceptional Republicans, who can teach the national bunch a thing or two about voter suppression. Even with assured victory for the latest Butler Plaza revisions, they still tried to disqualify the lone dissenting vote. What a wonderfully civil way to take care of our city's business.

Alan C. Miller,


Good intentions

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We agree to buy more biomass electricity than we can sell for a higher price than we hope to resell it for. Supply exceeds demand.

We offer a German company a premium price (wholesale price higher than retail price) if they will build a new solar powered electric plant and increase our capacity.

Gainesville Regional Utilities' guidebook might say "when you get to the fork in the road, take it".

William Dicker,


Respecting values

I humbly and respectfully disagree with the primary supposition in The Sun's May 28, editorial "Not far enough."

Scouting is a values-based organization training young people in citizenship, service and leadership without immersing them in the politics of the day. Therefore I disagree that adding "opposing discrimination is worthy addition to a long list of values taught by the group." I believe that I gradually learned to demonstrate a mature level of discretion due in part the influences of Boy Scout leaders and others who properly exercised their responsibility to monitor my behavior.

It fits the Scout Oath and Law to respect the rights of people and groups who hold values that differ. Respecting my values requires that I am mentally awake enough to recognize when my values are being undermined and discriminated against. Discretion in this context means maintaining wise caution when modifying Scout policies.

William M. Lawrence,


Shared burden

As the war in Iraq is coming to an end, it is appropriate to ask some questions: What did we learn and what were the mistakes that we made? We made two big ones.

We went to war without providing a way to pay for it. No new taxes, no war bonds. Nothing. It was "off-budget" and Congress just approved money as needed. Also, there was no draft, no new troops, no reserves.

We stressed the Army with three and four tours of hazardous duty. When we needed troops, we pulled them from Afghanistan for duty in Iraq. This was bad for the deficit and for the health and morale of the Army.

Next time we go to war, the whole country should share the burdens and the dangers.

Samuel I. Greenberg,


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