Letters to the Editor for June 1, 2013

Published: Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, May 31, 2013 at 4:43 p.m.

Very upset

In the article about Rosewood (Sun, May 22), Marvin Dunn advised the students not to return to the woods of Rosewood on their own. Why? For the fear of being killed?

I wish the reporter would have explained why he felt that way. If I lived in Rosewood I would be very upset about that statement.

Jeff McLeod,


Head in the sand

I find it hard to understand how our county leaders can drive on County Road 219A, or as some people call it the Melrose Bypass, and feel that it doesn't justify a repaving.

We pay high taxes and they repaved State Road 20 even though it did not need it, but we have potholes on this road larger than the ones in Gainesville.

People are straddling the center line to avoid the terrible patchwork. It is bad from Highway 301 north to Highway 26. Someone has their head in the sand.

Ken Krug,


Common sense

Let's give our support to Mayor Ed Braddy. It is time to change these liberal policies that the past and present Democrats have forced upon us.

Common sense needs to come back to the City Commission. Laurels to our mayor.

Glenn Thomas,


So good

Once again I want to applaud and thank The Sun for recognizing the women's sports teams at the University of Florida. It is so good to see the write-ups about the softball team. Kudos to the reporter and photographer for the wonderful news and pictures. Hopefully they will be able to do the same for the games at Oklahoma City.

Ruth Kusky,


Huge penalties

When a day dawns in Gainesville with clear blue skies and bright sun, smoke should not arrive a nanosecond later and stay all day.

There ought to be a state law against it — and huge penalties for all perpetrators! Who is with me on this?

Nina Postlethwaite,


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