Letters to the Editor for May 17, 2013

Published: Friday, May 17, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 10:12 p.m.

Big winners

In response to Dan M. Rountree (Sun, May 2), I think most of us can understand his view and the role government should play. The only issue is the letter was written in a way for readers to conclude that the Legislature did pass the bill, providing millions to professional teams such as the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, etc.

The reality is because of actions by myself and like-minded legislators, the bill did not pass through the House of Representatives. Because one legislator files a bill does not mean it becomes law.

The big winners in this year's budget were education and the environment, not professional teams.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings on what happened during this legislative session.

It is an honor to represent the people of District 21 and to fight for the values we hold dear.

State Rep. Keith Perry,


No civility

Civility my big toe. The civility hoopla coming from The Gainesville Sun and the City Commission, I believe, is more about protecting a handful of people who stand to gain from the unnecessary and overpriced 30-year, $3.1 billion biomass contract to the detriment of struggling GRU customers.

After three years of the mayor and city commissioners denying citizens opportunities to speak, trash talking them on social media, insulting them at public meetings and threatening to pull the plug on citizen comment, Mayor Craig Lowe last November announces civility month. That same meeting, Commissioner Randy Wells threw a temper tantrum over the county's proposal to repair our roads. Since then we've had Commissioners Bottcher, Poe, Hawkins and Hinsen-Rawls continue to insult citizens who speak out against the mismanagement of GRU and the bad biomass contract.

Ernesto Martinez,


Concerted effort

A measure of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has hit a level not seen for about 2 million years. What does this mean for us all? For one thing, sea level back then was much higher — some 50 feet or so.

What will happen to Florida if the sea level rises 50 feet? Say goodbye to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Venice, Fort Myers and other coastal cities. Where will all the residents of those cities go? To Gainesville, for one place.

This news re-emphasizes the need for a concerted national effort to reduce the pace of increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide. The most promising proposal: impose a fee on carbon-based fuels as they come into the country. Then rebate the dollars from the fee to all American citizens, helping them put into place their own individual clean energy programs.

Kurt Kent,


Factory farming

Gilchrist County has been invaded by a dairy operating outside the county land-use element since 1994. All this time everybody thought “just grimace and bear it.” We are a rural county and it was thought that North Florida Holsteins was legal.

Drive by and make your own assessment of factory farming in Gilchrist (CR 232 east of U.S. 129, in Bell). There is no reasonable excuse for Gilchrist to accommodate this alleged land-use violation. Farming is not allowed in the Waccasassa Flats, for example, and a code violation was reported in October 2011.

Contact all five Gilchrist commissioners via their clerk at PO Box 37, Trenton, FL 32693. Do it before May 20, the proposed hearing for special exception at the commission hearing auditorium after 5 p.m.

Jean Wonser,


Freedom to choose

The NRA and Planned Parenthood have two important positions in common even though their respective memberships seem totally different. They are for the freedom to choose (guns to the max and abortion to the end of pregnancy) and these issues are right at the overflow mark today.

By implication, each is totally against the culture of life. How? In regards to guns, to quote Cardinal Timothy Dolan, “The easy access to guns, including assault weapons, that exists in our nation has contributed to a culture of death where human life and dignity are cheapened by the threat of violence.”

Ditto for abortion. Retired Pope Benedict's concern for the “sacred value of human life” applies to the pregnant womb and the shot-up classroom.

Background checks must be given an opportunity to work by NRA membership. Planned Parenthood must simultaneously announce its opposition to the theory that abortion reduces crime.

Tom Cunilio,


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