Ray Davis: The NRA is not the problem

Published: Friday, May 10, 2013 at 4:15 p.m.
Last Modified: Friday, May 10, 2013 at 4:15 p.m.

It appears that anytime something goes wrong, the first thing that some do is to demand new laws.

Exactly what would happen if the NRA ceased to be the bulwark of protection for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and in particular the Second Amendment? These good citizens miss the point by crying for more attention to new legislation attacking guns.

It appears that most of these solutions are generated and directed at “modifying” or eliminating the Second Amendment. In these United States we have in excess of 55,000 laws concerning firearms. In the state of Connecticut their laws addressing the conduct of those in the state were totally ignored and the result was a tragedy beyond comprehension.

Please tell me just how more laws would have had any effect of the actions of this person? Tell me just how the state and federal laws in other states would have had any effect on the actions of those whom have figured so prominently in the news for their heinous acts.

Perhaps a novel approach to solving these and other blatant violations of the law, might be to enforce the laws we have today. Also, one might consider that the only people who have any intent to obey the laws are those 98 plus percent who already do.

I would gladly join any citizens group to prevent egregious violations of law, however remember that one must first have the personal responsibility and desire to conform to our laws. We might consider that the NRA is not the problem. The despots of society are the problem, and until adequate focus on this core problem is received the attention it is due, no amount of new laws, and no amount of attention to the tools of their trade is going to have any lasting effect on their actions.

Why do I love our great country and feel so strongly about our Constitution? Quite simple, it was penned by our ancestors who had a vision, which created the greatest nation in history, with freedoms and liberties the likes of which can only be dreamed of in other countries. Remember that the Second Amendment was penned for one primary purpose. That being to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Without it, just how long would our nation survive?

Ray Davis lives in Alachua.

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