Letters to the Editor for April 12, 2013

Published: Friday, April 12, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 9:20 p.m.

Devastating effects

In response to John Kelly’s question (Sun, April 5) regarding Mayor Craig Lowe’s arrest for DUI: It’s no surprise that Lowe received preferential treatment in his arrest. My argument is with Kelly’s statement, “Bottom line ... is who cares? The man is human and made a mistake — big deal.”

A mistake is making a wrong turn or calling a wrong phone number. Driving under the influence is a big deal and shows a pure disregard for the safety of others. As a family member of the victim of drunken driving, I know the devastating effects of someone’s bad decision.

Of course I make mistakes, but my mistakes have never and will never endanger someone’s life because I care.

Martha Foster,

Old Town

No power

Politicians are quick to say they won’t take away our Second Amendment rights. They don’t enumerate those rights and don’t admit that they couldn’t take them away even if they knew what they are. Politicians have no power to make constitutional rights nor to take them away, but only the power to violate or respect them.

Although politicians must be mindful of constitutional rights when making laws, the fact is it is the courts — not politicians— that ultimately define what rights the Constitution embodies.

To date, the Supreme Court has told us that the Second Amendment guarantees a right to possess handguns in our homes for self defense. Does that right extend to possession of high-capacity automatic weapons that spew out dozens of rounds? We will never know until some legislature enacts a law that says “no” and an aggrieved gun owner presents the case to the courts.

Joe Little,


Financial collapse

Recently Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that the previous estimates of the cost and benefits of “Obamacare” were wrong. It is going to cost more than we were told and the benefits are not going to be what we were sold on.

Now there is more than 30,000 pages of rules and regulations to go along with the 2,500-page bill that no one had the chance to read. The costs of Obamacare are what is keeping our economy from growing and employers from hiring, resulting in the dismal job growth numbers.

It is no longer a question of if we are going to collapse financially as a nation, but when. The growing debt, accompanied by the failed monstrosity of Obamacare, will surely bankrupt us. Unless drastic changes are put in place, this failed president has our great nation on the brink of financial collapse.

Dean Tate,


Primary purpose

There are two distinct forms of marriage — religious and civil. The requirements, procedures and benefits of each are independent.

Religious marriage is defined by each religion, therefore protected by the First Amendment and not subject to most law.

Civil marriage on the other hand is a construct of the law and should serve some state purpose. As I see it, the primary purpose of civil marriage is to reward by various perks those individuals who form a family union deemed beneficial to the state. Appropriateness of the perks, benefit of the union to society and union membership are subjects open to debate and not rights.

My conclusion is that history and evolution indicate that a man/woman union is best for raising the next generation and should receive the highest protection and perks. Other forms of family union can (should?) also be recognized with rewards commensurate with their value to society.

William E. Tutt,


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