Letters to the Editor for April 4, 2013

Published: Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 5:55 p.m.

Real disgust

I would like to respond to the March 26 letter "Ban circus animals." The writer expressed "disgust and sadness" regarding chained elephants. These animals are big and a leash isn't really going to work to keep them from wandering. These animals are working animals, they produce something (joy, curiosity in children, entertainment, etc.).

I want to talk about real disgust and sadness in regard to the ubiquitous penned, ignored and out-of-control barking dogs. At private kennels, multiple dogs never get out, are never taught anything and are never really loved as a pet. They are but a portion of the travesty of bad ownership.

Let's examine the lone, tied-up, incarcerated poor wretch of a canine that has no life but to bark at anything that moves because there is nothing else to do. This is the real sin against nature.

Jim Lillquist,

Fort White

Examples of humility

Pope Francis presented an awesome statement and example in his actions as recorded in the story, "Old guard says pope crossed the line" (Sun, March 30). He presented the teachings of Christ in a way that should register with persons of all religions. The examples Pope Francis gave us include: Exhibited humility by wearing the simple cassock of the papacy rather than the red velvet cape for official duties, which says he has no intention of placing himself above anyone; exhibited humility as he washed the feet of inmates in a detention facility in Rome; and exhibited humility by washing the feet of two Muslim girls, which also showed an acceptance of persons of other faiths.

The religious leaders of Jesus' day also accused him of "crossing the line" by associating with and dining with heathens, sinners and prostitutes. Isn't it time we were all more humble and accepting of others?

Larry B. Henderson,

Keystone Heights

Libertarian label

I was so pleased to hear that after five years of attempts, the Accent speaker's bureau is finally bringing former Congressman Ron Paul to speak at the O'Connell Center on April 15.

Paul is America's leading Libertarian and pushing voters nationwide to get with the Libertarian label. It is long overdue. This week, Libertarian gubernatorial front-runner Adrian Wyllie spoke at UF's Plaza of the Americas. Wyllie now has more Internet chatter than the present governor, Rick Scott, who is in deep trouble in every poll.

For the first time in Florida history, the Libertarian Party will have a statewide primary for the governor's race. Roger Stone and John Wayne Smith will challenge Wyllie. The Florida Libertarian Party is expecting as many as 60,000 voters will go to the polls that day to vote.

It's a great time to be a Libertarian even though the media still struggles to say the word.

Jote Thompson,


Impress everyone

In regards to Florida center Patric Young, Google Walter Berry who played for St John's University in the 1980s. He dominated his league and left for the NBA after his junior year but wasn't ready. By NBA standards, he was smallish with a limited skill set. His attitude was also a little shaky.

Flash forward to 2013 and look yourself in the mirror. You have two advantages: You're bigger and can spend one more year getting reps with Billy Donovan. Impress everyone by showing discipline and getting the reps you need now, because you won't get them sitting on an NBA bench. With any luck, you will get your NBA chance.

If worse comes to worst, you can make a living overseas. Work on your rebounding position, and going strong to the rim for a dunk or to draw a foul.

I love you, man, and all the Gators!

Frederic Davis Jr.,


Foreign giveaways

I, like most Americans, would find it disturbing if all of the media outlets would report what our government watchdogs recently disclosed. Our president has given the Palestinian government an additional $500 million in foreign aid. We can only wonder how much more was offered to Israel.

In 2011, he increased foreign aid to Israel by $800 million and increased foreign aid to Palestine by $400 million. We can't balance our budget, go into sequester, cut back on our military, education, police and fire officers and threaten cutbacks on Social Security, yet our president goes to foreign shores with an open wallet of our money and nobody questions it.

Why is it that for the taxpayers' benefit, it has to go before the House or the Senate, yet he can offer our money without any checks-and-balances approval? What is more disturbing is that our news media does not report on these giveaways.

Ken Krug,


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