Letters to the Editor for March 20, 2013

Published: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, March 18, 2013 at 10:28 p.m.

Fight annexation

The city is trying to annex part of the county into the city. The targeted area is bordered by Northwest 43rd Street to the east, Northwest 63rd Street to the west, Northwest 39th Avenue to the north and Northwest 23rd Avenue to the south.

Vote against the tax-and-spend city that burdened us with the biomass mess, the fire tax (first time they have ever taxed churches) and the narrowing of Main Street. Now they want a $300 million bus rapid transit system.

Concerned neighbors against annexation are holding a meeting at Northwest Baptist Church on March 23 to provide information on why you should not support annexation. The city is holding a vote on April 9 and hoping the informed voter will not vote. This vote is a simple majority vote. They want the election to be low voter turnout.

Let your voice be heard. Vote no on April 9.

Ron Starling,


Cynical and dishonest

Thoughts on Nathan Crabbe's March 17 column:

He wrote that he lives outside the city and doesn't have a horse in this race. Disingenuous.

He wrote that Pete Johnson's dog is no longer alive. What is the point here?

He suggested that we have problems with the biomass plant, but elect Lowe anyway. What do we do, trust him to fix the problems when he has shown only contempt for those who want to fix the problems?

Worst, he wrote “don't throw away your vote.” This is a contemptible thing for a newspaper editor to say. Who is Crabbe to define what “throwing away a vote” is? Or casting a “protest vote”?

Is he saying that Lowe is the only one who can/should win, and we might as well accept it? Americans have the right to vote their principles. Shame on Crabbe for such a cynical, intellectually dishonest column.

Elizabeth Anne Washington,


Do the math

A courageous new City Commission could stop the egregious biomass rate increases by ordering Gainesville Regional Utilities to refuse all power generated from the Gainesville Regional Energy Center incinerator.

The $23 million intended for mitigation of sharp rate increases could then be used as a war chest to litigate the illegal power purchase agreement for years. Do the math.

This remedy could result in no increase to ratepayers while re-establishing the elected commission as the rightful legal authority over our public utility.

Harold Saive,


Real people

Regarding J.R. Gaillot's March 15 letter in The Sun, it's quite apparent why he was a nominee and not a winner in the 3rd Congressional District.

You need to get out in the district and meet the native Floridians who are often rural, still farm and still hunt and fish. A majority of them, even if registered as Democrats, actually share the same “narrow-minded” views as Ted Yoho, and not the intellectual, liberal views of Gainesville. That's why we elected him and not you.

It's a cruel, but amusing twist of redistricting that placed western Gainesville in the 3rd District, when the city is more suited for Corrine Brown's snake-like, gerrymandered, 5th District. But it's not about Gainesville, nominee, it's about the real people of the 3rd District.

Glen Saucier,


Considerable savings

Upon the passing of my father, Robert H. Zieger, last week, we faced the ordeal of deciding what to do with his body. Our family is areligious and attaches no importance to the bodily remains of one whom we loved dearly.

We contacted an established funeral home and told them exactly what we wanted and needed. We were shocked to receive an estimate for $3,900.

After a little time on the Internet we discovered direct cremations. A handful of small businesses in Gainesville handle these. They charge around $800, all in. It's hard to imagine the justification behind the additional $3,000 charged by the funeral home.

Some families need more when it comes to burial. But those of us who simply do not would do well to choose direct cremation and use the considerable savings for some other purpose. (We just sent the money we saved to a charity!)

Robert Ethan Zieger,


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