Letters to the Editor for March 12, 2013

Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, March 11, 2013 at 2:42 p.m.

Poor manners

The downright rude treatment of Gainesville citizens by our commissioners has gone on long enough. I have supported the Democrats my whole life, yet it seems to me that all the rude commissioners are Democrats.

They have continuously shown poor manners by not listening to the people that they represent. They have continuously violated the Sunshine Law to whisper to each other instead of doing their jobs and making their decisions based on what the people of Gainesville want, instead of what they want.

At the commission's Feb. 21 meeting, Commissioner Lauren Poe called a citizen a jerk in one of his routine whispers to Mayor Craig Lowe. His microphone was hot at the time, and you clearly hear Poe utter the phrase, "What a jerk," after a citizen finished speaking.

We don't need immaturity and disrespect from the City Commission, especially if it's being directed toward our citizens.

Benjamin Morris,


Nothing done

I've lived in Gainesville since 1972. It seems like the subject of the homeless comes up almost every year. Suggestions are made, sites of a homeless location are debated and kicked around, but nothing has been done in more than 40 years.

If we ever get some responsible leadership in Gainesville, the situation might get resolved. If I owned a business downtown and this became a problem I'd be looking for a good lawyer.

Gene Reiger,


Give me a break

Florida has had its share of wackiness, but we may be reaching new heights. State Sen, Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, has introduced legislation that would require a person who wishes to buy ammunition to complete an anger management course.

I am all for making sure that no one with severe mental health issues is able to buy a gun. But a universal anger management course? Give me a break!

How about such a course before getting a driver's license so that we cut down on road rage; or, before getting a marriage license to cut down on domestic abuse; or before going to the grocery store to cut down on check out rage?

John E. McAvoy,


Allow night hunting

The recent news report of wild hogs' destruction of horse and bike trails in Florida is right on target. The most obvious solution is make wild-hog hunting legal at night, the time they tend to be most active. Currently, night hunting is only allowed on private property. Hog hunting is second in popularity to deer presently.

Surely park managers can figure a way to make night hunting safe and possible. Florida needs a comprehensive approach to invasive species including wild hogs that can be used in all areas of the state.

Contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission through its Web page or by phone. Perhaps a large volume of calls can get some action.

Calls for action do get answered by this commission: just recall the nuisance created by hunting dogs a few years back. Complaints led to changed dog-hunting rules. Dogs no longer trespass on this farm chasing deer.

Jean Wonser,


Reap what we sow

I never thought that the American experience in democracy would function exactly as it was intended. But apparently, "We the people" are the lousiest judges of the human character. Otherwise, we wouldn't vote in this reprehensible, obstructive and petty bunch of extremists into the House and the Senate. So, we reap what we sow. Unfortunately for the country, a senselessly divided house is a vulnerable one.

Nader G. Vakili,

Lake City

Come up with budget

From 1268 to 1271, the cardinals in Rome did not agree to vote for a new pope because of political infighting. Eventually, the magistrate locked the cardinals in and reduced their meals to bread and water. I propose to do the same procedure with the political leaders in Washington until they come up with a budget.

Rolf E. Hummel,


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