Voice of the Voters for March 6, 2013

Published: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 9:25 p.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 9:25 p.m.

It's our money

The Mom's Kitchen fiasco is yet another in a long line of liberal, feel-good decisions made with taxpayer money. To what end? Other examples include the purchase of land for a one-stop homeless center that continues to be non-existent, narrowing Millhopper Road so the spandex spinners would have even wider bike lanes for recreation and on and on.

Meanwhile, real problems such as road maintenance on 16th Blvd languish because of lack of agreement over how much room bicyclists need. Bottom line: money needed to benefit many is foolishly spent on the few. With an election coming up, it would behoove the voters to consider (gasp!) the fiscal conservatives who want your vote. It's your/our money.

Bill Maur,


Save our city

Until recently, we had limited access to information that did not lionize our city commission. By and large, the media (including the Gainesville Sun) has dropped the ball (if it ever had the ball) when it came to actually objectively reporting local news and issues.

Most of what we have gotten as citizens of Gainesville has been one-sided and highly filtered. The city commission has been allowed to do pretty much whatever it darned well pleased and hardly anyone has been the wiser. Until now. A sleeping populace is waking up. Let's just hope it isn't too late for our town which, I fear, is on the verge of financial ruin.

I've been listening to Ed Braddy for the last two years in some depth. He is very well informed and he is articulate. I believe that as mayor he would run open meetings and would be forthcoming on the issues, which would be a refreshing change. I can't imagine him attempting to muffle the citizens who come before him with grievances and/or new information.

It's time for Gainesville to wake up, and we'd better do it soon. Pay attention, fellow Gainesvillians. We can still save our city.

Deborah Bucci,


Conscientious leader

The Florida League of Conservation Voters has endorsed Mac McEachern for the District 4 seat in Gainesville's upcoming City Commission election in recognition of his outstanding record of conscientious and courageous community and environmental leadership.

The league has been Florida's leading political arm/environmental watchdog organization for more 30 years. We endorse exceptional candidates as one method of helping promote strong, pro-environment public policies. McEachern's record as a conscientious community and environmental leader made our endorsement an easy decision.

Joy Towles Ezell,

President, Florida League of Conservation Voters

Looking out for themselves

I hope the citizens of Gainesville will join me in voting "no" on changing the date of Gainesville city elections.

If the city elections coincide with the state and national elections, it would save the taxpayers of Gainesville considerable money. But when have our commissioners (past and present) ever been concerned with saving taxpayers money? Mom's Kitchen and the biomass plant are just two examples.

If moving the date of election is approved, it simply adds one more year to the term of office and does nothing for the citizens of Gainesville. This was an opportunity to increase the turnout for city elections and save taxpayers money, and our commissioners only looked out for themselves. When are we (the citizens of Gainesville) going to wake up and start voting intelligently?

Bill Willis,


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