Letters to the Editor for March 3, 2013

Published: Sunday, March 3, 2013 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, March 1, 2013 at 10:55 p.m.

More heat than light

Many thanks to our local Chamber of Commerce and board Chairman Mitch Glaeser for initiating the broad-based study of Gainesville Regional Utilities.

Over the last several years, GRU has generated as many kilowatt hours of public discourse as it has electricity, often producing more heat than light.

This carefully selected panel was assembled with considerable forethought and objectivity, and will produce a thorough, impartial and circumspect report.

Sam Collins,


Factual, not truthful

Raw facts do not always convey real truth.

An example: The Feb. 26 Gainesville Sun editorial says, "Facebook pays no taxes and instead gets a $429 million rebate." It may be factual that Facebook (as an entity) pays no federal and state income taxes, but in truth Facebook is likely responsible for huge tax revenue.

At the very least, every Facebook salary contributes to the tax base, paid by both employee and employer, and distributed corporate dividends are taxed twice; to Facebook and recipient. Employees and dividend recipients in turn spend their money in local economies, creating a multiplier-effect, hence, more tax revenue.

I have no stake in Facebook, thus have no dog in this fight other than to suggest your editorial may be factual but not truthful.

The federal budget debate is such a polarizing subject, it is not helpful to offer facts at the expense of truth.

Thomas Lane,


Far worse streets

Upon opening the paper Thursday morning, the first headline I saw was the pothole article. Only in this county is this actually news.

The streets in this area are far worse than any county that I have lived in over the past 60 years in the Sunshine State.

Frank Vellake,


Bring it on

It appears that the red herrings of gun control, immigration, starving children and grannies over the cliff have not distracted the Republicans to the point of caving in on the necessity of spending cuts.

It is also obvious that the Democrats are unwilling to pass any budgets or reforms that would hinder their ability to buy elections with stuff for free. Therefore, bring on sequestration and, hopefully, some nonpartisan solutions in the future.

J.D. Henderson,


Effectively no voice

Of course U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho is critical of sequestration.

What else would we expect of a tool of corporations and the tea party?

"Representative" Yoho was selected (not elected) by an artificial and undemocratic process known as gerrymandering.

All across our United States the bought and paid for GOP Inc. has subverted the will of the majority. It has diluted towns and cities and communities slanted toward liberals and Democrats with rural people who are willfully and/or genuinely ignorant of the important issues to be decided and legislated.

We the people of Gainesville (a liberal and progressive island unto ourselves) effectively have no voice.

Clayton Smith,


Worthless currency

I am a state prisoner in my 20th year of incarceration. A Feb. 14 article in the Sun reported the Department of Corrections budget peaked at $104 million, up $36.1 million.

A department spokesman declared austerity measures consisting of cheap footwear for prisoners and low-cost asthma inhalers. Be that as it may, most of us buy our own shoes and not every inmate has asthma.

In the fiscal year 2010-11, the fixed operating budget fell $78 million short. This should be expected. During the year, the federal government was busy flooding the economy with the printing of worthless currency.

The department's fixed budget lost value on each dollar due to inflation caused by the feds, putting the prison system deeper into the red. You can take our shoes altogether and leave us barefooted if you think it will work, but I don't think it's going to make any difference.

Jimmie Lee Tennant,

Lake City

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