First BCS rankings just designed to get us talking, right?

Published: Friday, October 19, 2012 at 1:57 p.m.
Last Modified: Friday, October 19, 2012 at 1:57 p.m.

There was plenty of controversy when the first BCS standings came out Sunday because Florida was ahead of Oregon. My first response was — who cares?

If Florida and Alabama win out they would play each other, and if Oregon wins out it would almost certainly finish ahead of the loser of that game. Right?

There’s no way we would have another all-SEC title game again. Right?

Of course, the mid-season BCS release isn’t designed to determine who will play at the end of the year. It’s designed to get us talking about it. Right?

We’re only halfway through a long season so it’s kind of crazy to even worry about it. Right?

And before the season we all figured Florida would be No. 2 when the first standings were released. Right?

What we really should be focusing on is Dr. Football’s record in The Picks. Last week it was 7-3 and 51-19 overall. Although I should give myself two losses for picking Texas over Oklahoma. What was I thinking? Bad Dr. Football. And thanks to the reader who pointed out that they do serve fried beer at the Texas State Fair.

(Cue Homer Simpson voice — “Mmmmm, fried beer.”)

South Carolina at Florida: In Week Two, Will Muschamp faced an old rival in College Station. Then he faced an old pal the next week in Knoxville. Two weeks ago, he faced a school where he used to work. And this week he faces the coach who put Florida on the national football map. Next week, it’s the school where he played college football. None of this means anything. I’m stalling. I’ve flipped back and forth on this game all week. On the hunch that Florida gets its offensive line back, Florida 24-21.

LSU at Texas A&M: Johnny Football has put up amazing stats, but the defenses he has faced after the Florida game haven’t been very good.

That changes this week. LSU, 24-17.

Alabama at Tennessee: I’m so old I remember when this was a big game. Derek Dooley is coaching from the press box again and he might want to sneak out in the third quarter. Alabama, 41-17.

Georgia at Kentucky: The Bulldogs had a bye week last week and now have an almost-bye week. Georgia, 38-7.

FSU at Miami: See Alabama at Tennessee. FSU, 37-14.

Kansas State at West Virginia: One of these two quarterbacks is going to come out of this game as the Heisman Trophy front-runner. I’m betting on Geno Smith and the burning of couches. West Virginia, 38-31.

Texas Tech at TCU: Classic letdown game for the Red Raiders? No, because of the situation at quarterback for the Horny Toads. Texas Tech, 24-17.

Auburn at Vanderbilt: Most teams have to rebuild after a national title. Most teams don’t fall off the face of the earth. Vandy, 24-19.

Michigan State at Michigan: When in doubt, stick with the home team. Michigan, 28-24.

BYU at Notre Dame: How did the Irish get so good on defense? Notre Dame, 30-13.

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