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Published: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 4:01 p.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 at 4:01 p.m.

Gary Ihas: What would you do if you were President?

We have reached the time in the campaign for President when the inexperienced challenger (Romney) is telling us voters that the incumbent (Obama) has made every wrong move/choice imaginable during the last 3-and-a-half years. Nothing is easier than watching someone else on the hot seat, see the outcome, and then claim to be able to do better.

For example, a few days ago Romney criticized Obama for inaction on Iran 3 years ago. In fact, President Obama has been exercising extreme economic sanctions against Iran, as have our EU allies (exactly what Romney has said should be done).

So, analytic American, what would you do? Go to war with Iran, as Romney has hinted? How have the Iraq and Afghanistan wars worked out for us? Do you like a war debt in the trillions? Do we want more war? And what about the 100,000 Iraqis and Afghanis, of all ages, including women and children, who have died in those wars; not to mention the loss of thousands of American lives? And what about the injured veterans, who will need our assistance for years to come?

Do you feel safer from terrorism? Are you ready to send your family members to war again? What do we really want our President to do? Will Romney do what is best? Think about it, fellow Americans. Analyze it.

Gary Ihas,


James Ivey: We can't survive four more years

President-to-be Romney should remain aggressive in the next debate but show enough respect for his opponent that he will not appear hard-nosed (which he isn't). Obama's record cannot be defended; thus, a significant part of Romney's effort should be, "Give him enough rope, and he will hang himself." Listen to how O tries to defend, and then chop it down.

For example, how could he jam through a trillion dollar health bill when the country is on the ropes in debt? The stock market is a disaster, the housing market is a worse disaster, everything economic is a disaster. O has raised taxes and called it something else, and those who make it a habit to live off of their fellow Americans are about to assume the majority position; all of which tempt those of us who work and pay taxes to sew our money into our mattresses. When that happens, we have a repeat of 1929, worse than the first time.

It is doubtful whether the USA could survive four more years of Obamagov and Obamapology. I implore everyone to help save our country, as corrupt and immoral as we are. I pray that God will give us another chance and beg the populace of a failing great country to do the same.

James Ivey,


Elaine Gudbrandsen: Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up? Flip Flop. All of a sudden Mitt "cares" about 100 percent of the American people. Since when? At his $50,000-a-plate private donor party, Mitt said 47 percent of us don't count. And, by the way, for all you flag wavers who profess to be Republicans, that included veterans on disability; men and women who were wounded by fighting for our country.

This flip flop is being excused by his loyal followers as a "campaign strategy".Do we really want a President in the White House like that?

Elaine Gudbrandsen,

High Springs

Larry Biddle: Fact: Obama is a socialist

The word “Fact” as defined by Webster; “The quality of being actual; something that exists or occurs; a piece of information.” Well then, all the posted information on the internet regarding Obamas communist associates, friends and mentors from birth to presidency must be a “fact“. I didn’t say it was “actual“, that’s up to you to determine.

It was the job of Congress to vet Obama, that was not done. Why? Because the “actual facts” would have exposed Obama’s radical socialist history. The Congress itself established the “actual facts” about Obama and the media has obeyed the rule of George Soros Law.

I urge those of you who continue to support Obama to look up the word “Stupid”. It means, to be numb, be astonished; very dull in mind, showing or resulting from dullness of mind”. There is an “actual fact” for you.

Larry Biddle,

Lady Lake

Howard F. Bryan Jr.: Obama's 'Forward' is backward

Barack Obama is advocating a message of “Forward,” which is merely a continuation of the status quo he established . He says that things are improving and that we are on the right path and we need to continue on this path. But he can't prove this with any tangible evidence or facts. We only have his word, which is more spin. He talks as if he has big plans, but in fact there is no plan beyond continuing the same failed policies.

Everything Obama has touched in our country has turned to dust. Nothing he tries works. Growing government has never helped a country; it only increases suffering. If he is reelected, things will worsen and suffering will increase even more. This is desolation, which is evil and we can't afford any more of it! So Forward is really Backward.

Howard F. Bryan Jr.,


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