Letters to the Editor for Oct. 8, 2012

Gainesville's Downtown Arts Festival

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Published: Monday, October 8, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 2:07 a.m.

Time to take in the arts this week

October 5-14 is American Craft Week. Fine crafts are rooted in tradition and give a strong sense of community, of place and time. Fine craft includes metalwork, glasswork, woodwork, ceramics, and more. From artisan jewelry to decorative bowls, fine crafts represent some of the most accessible works of art that enhance our every day lives, and an amazing opportunity to buy American and buy local.

There is no time like the present to get out and experience fine crafts available in our community. The Downtown Arts Festival, on Oct. 13-14, is brimming with artisan crafts, and there are wonderful galleries and museums representing local, regional and national craft artisans right here in Gainesville, including: Artisans Guild, Paddiwhack, McIntyre Stained Glass Studio, the Harn Museum of Art, and Thornebrook Gallery.

This week visit a gallery or museum, and enjoy the world-class Downtown Festival in celebration and support of American craft.

David Arrighi,


Just say no to this cell tower, Gainesville

I say no to a proposed plan to erect a 160-foot cell tower in a designated conservation area occupied by the 300 Club adjacent to Northwest 38th Street.

A major part of the plan redirects all traffic entering and exiting the 300 Club onto Northwest 38th Street. In turn, Northwest 38th Street directs all traffic onto Northwest Eighth Avenue or Northwest 16th Avenue.

The flow of traffic moving east will further intensify the bottleneck occurring in the Littlewood and Westwood school zones, creating a dangerous situation for drivers, pedestrians and bikers alike.

The Gainesville Planning Department must nix this ill-conceived project. If you drive the east-west corridor on Northwest Eighth Avenue or Northwest 16th Avenue, as I often do, and you object to this plan, please let your city commissioners know.

Laura Davis,


Wasting our money

Again, county officials are wasting taxpayer money!

At a time when there is an abundance of qualified individuals needing jobs and tight budgets at the county level, there is absolutely no reason for retention incentives. Let these people leave if they think it is better somewhere else.

It is incomprehensible that someone could get a $25,000 raise. It is unreasonable for the county manager to give enormous raises because someone threatens to leave.

In the future all incentives over $3,000 should be approved by the County Commission.

C. Giambrone,


Defeat this immoral School Board tax

How are Camp Crystal, school meals, and the purchase of Diamond Sports Park justified?

Is busing necessary? Why does it cost twice as much to educate children in government schools as compared to private schools? Should Florida families pay to educate children brought here illegally by criminals?

Government schools are wasteful and deserve no more money. If you hate children, give more money to the government schools. Teachers unions have demonstrated that their concern is not about children; it is about benefits.

I am sick and tired of the legalized plunder in Alachua County. Anyone who supports the School Board's proposed one mill tax covets their neighbor's property.

Business owners pay the school tax twice. We are taxed on our homes and on our business locations. Home school and private school families should be exempt from this immoral tax.

Lloyd W. Bailey, Jr.,


Fuel maladjustment

The City Commission adopted a fuel adjustment policy in the form of an ordinance. The language was taken from the fuel adjustment rule implemented by the Public Service Commission for investor owned utilities.

The language and intent are the same; to recover or stabilize the fluctuating cost of fuel.

Fuel adjustments have never been applied to contracts because the price does not fluctuate during the term of the contract.

The only use of excess fuel adjustment collection must be returned to the customers, not used for other purposes.

A written legal opinion should be requested regarding how money collected under the present ordinance can be used.

The use of fuel adjustments to pay GREC for contracted electricity is illegal and wrong and an abuse of power by the commissioners.

Mac McEachern,


Meeting with Lochte

After a recent high school golf match, our team had the great fortune of seeing Olympic gold medalist and former Gator great Ryan Lochte in the clubhouse.

Our players approached him as he was relaxing in the clubhouse, and he could not have been more gracious or accommodating. He shook hands and spoke with each of our players and posed for photographs. It was a moment our players will not forget.

How refreshing it was to see a world class athlete make such a positive and meaningful impact on these young men. We are so blessed to have Ryan Lochte as part of our community.

Phillip Knight,

Boy's golf coach

Gainesville High School

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