Letters to the Editor for Oct. 6, 2012

Published: Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, October 5, 2012 at 2:42 p.m.

Obama had the weight of the job on his back

After watching the presidential debate it seems like the masses have already elected Romney from his stellar performance. Obama was distracted, seemed uninterested, kept his head down looking at his notes on the podium, yada, yada, yada.

Just so we are comparing apples to apples, I don't think that Romney has the weight of the free world on his shoulders. Obama has quite a few distractions that could possibly get him off his A game.

Romney has been able to concentrate and practice on this debate. Thank God we now know that Big Bird will lose his government subsidy. I feel so much more at ease.

Unfortunately, his smug out of touch attitude has completely turned me off. I didn't especially like him before the debates: I like him even less now.

Martin Werts,


The bubble man

The presidential debate reminded me of the story of a boy living in a bubble because of a weak immune system to protect him from a germicidal world. Similarly, Obama lives in an insulated bubble in a self-congratulatory Washington, unvetted by a protective media that patches the bubble holes.

Unfortunately, Romney broke Obama's bubble without the media to cover repairs, exposing Obama to a factual reality (germicidal) without a way to protect himself. The question is, can he live and win inside a bubble without repairs after his exposure.

John Poser,


Fast-talking Mitt

Gov. Romney is certainly a fast talker and clever about interrupting other speakers. But we must remember that it doesn't matter what he says or what program he proposes. If he is elected, his policies will be dictated by the billionaires who are funding his campaign.

His already announced energy policy clearly reflects the priorities of the Koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry.

Do we really want a puppet of industry in the White House?

Phyllis Saarinen,


Mitt showed up

At the presidential debate Mitt Romney showed up and with intelligence, wit and a focus on jobs, facts, and accepting responsibility. He did a great job.

Unfortunately, an empty chair showed up on the other side: Obama blamed everything on Bush and the Republicans and said he didn't do anything (the only true statement he made all night).

The election is here. Use intelligence when voting.

Frank Womack,


Obama a no-show

I was disappointed by President Obama's performance in Wednesday's debate. He was not assertive and appears to have lost steam.

Things were different four years ago, when he fought for election symbolizing different aspects of politics to different people. Today the election will be based not on his background but upon his achievements and future directions.

Granted that he has taken us out of a great mess that was the U.S. four years ago, but at the same time many are unhappy when they see no tangible recovery in the housing and job fronts.

Listening to him, I could not visualize how he is going to solve these problems. Maybe that was not the focus of that debate, which was just swinging back and forth on whether or not to cut taxes.

Both candidates failed to present solutions that can be comprehended by most listeners.

Virendra Gupta,


Are you satisfied?

Obama's campaign slogan is "Forward." Never does he enter into the present which is where most people live.

Events in the Middle East, with four Americans killed and the burning of numerous embassies, Obama calls "a bump in the road."

Moving forward, taxes will rise, the military will diminish and American exceptionalism will disappear as an incompetent president leads from behind.

The national debt will destroy the economy, but Obama says not to worry, it's "short term," really.

If you are satisfied with the first four years and want more of the same, Obama is your man.

Eileen M. Maren,


The worst debate

I have watched presidential debates since John F. Kennedy and I have seen good debates and bad. The debate on Wednesday was one of the worst debates I have ever watched.

During the entire 90 minutes I felt patronized by Romney. I am 65, and I feel like he spoke to the American people like they were children. Maybe he was Bird Bird, because he sure assumed citizens of the U.S. were 5- or 6-years-old.

All the answers I heard from Romney were: Do as I say, not as I do. This man does not understand what it takes to be a president.

Larry W. Moore,


Here's an idea

Keep Big Bird; Cancel Romney!

Phil Denton,


Don't be fooled

Those college student who have been hypnotized and mesmerized by the hope and change rhetoric of Barack Obama, had better take off your blinders and see the reality; that during the last four years, over half of college graduates are either unemployed, or underemployed.

If you are planning to be employed upon graduation, you had better put your faith in someone who has actually created thousands of jobs in private business, versus someone who only talks a good game.

C. Brown,


I'm a 47 percenter

I attended tax-funded public schools. I joined the United States Navy, and tax-funded GI benefits helped me through my senior year of medical school at a Land Grant university. A GI mortgage helped me purchase my first home.

After 50 years, I have retired, and have now accepted those government hand-outs: Social Security and Medicare.

Shame on me, I'm a 47-percenter.

Since Mitt Romney doesn't care about and has given up on me, I can't vote for him.

While I don't know any of them, I have to respect the other 53 percent, who have apparently absolutely refused to accept any of the tax-funded benefits that helped shape my life and the lives of my family and friends.

Asa Godbey,


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