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Published: Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 8:57 a.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 8:57 a.m.

Vivian Kenudson: Mitt's cheat sheet

President Obama appeared to have lost steam during Wednesday's debate. Some say this is part of good debate strategy which will come into focus in time for the second debate when the President will regain his steam in full momentum.

However, did anyone catch Romney pull a cheat sheet out of his pocket as he faced the podium? Go to youtube and google Mitt cheats and see for yourself. Notes of any kind are forbidden during the debates and Mitt is caught red handed with his hand in the cookie jar.

Vivian Kenudson,


Tom Cunilio: Obama's shelf life

Many presidents must be able to understand how the term "shelf life" applies at this point in the campaign for a second term. Barack Obama does not understand that Karma (what goes around comes around) has caught up with him in the form of 1) denying that ours is still very much a Christian nation; 2) that marriage is the sacred foundation of that nation's future success and 3) by being, ironically, old compared to his opponent. If he fails, there will be no Memorial in 50 years to his legacy.

Tom Cunilio,


S. Floyd: Do you trust the Republicans?

Mitt Romney plans to abolish “ObamaCare”, eliminating coverage for preexisting conditions. He wants vouchers for education, which will surely decimate our already weakened public school system. He wants to reduce Medicaid funding which might affect long-term nursing care protection for the infirm elderly. He says the states should manage health care, education and care for the elderly.

So, I ask you, do you trust Rick Scott and the Republican controlled Florida legislature with these decisions? Are you aware that Florida has had a Republican governor since 1987, for the past 25 years; and the Republicans have controlled the Florida Legislature since 1996, the past 16 years? How's that working out for you?

If you are happy with the stale job and depressed real estate markets in Florida, lack of funding and onerous testing requirements for our public schools, crumbling infrastructure and roads, shrinking and polluted water supply and rivers, and astronomical property insurance premium rates, then keep voting Republican.

S. Floyd,


Frederic Davis Jr.: We've gone too far left

Does anyone believe that Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years? Is a bad Mormon? Lied about everything he said during the recent Presidential Debate? That our murdured Ambassador in Libya was adequately protected? That Obama has kept his 2008 pledges of "Hope" and "Transparency"? Don't we deserve better than this? This Republican voted for Obama in 2008 to bring us closer to the Center because we were too far to the Right. Unless something changes I will vote for Romney because we have gotten too far to the Left. Does anyone else feel this way?

Frederic Davis Jr.,


Patricia Bern: Romney the say anything guy

It has become obvious that Mitt Romney is now the "Say Anything" guy. He is so desperate to be President that he has indeed shaken the etch-a-scketch and now he is a moderate, practically liberal, Republican.

"You want health care, I'll give you health care, you want pre-existing conditions covered, I'll cover them. Oh no I never said I was going to cut taxes for the wealthy, just for the small business job creators and anyone making more than they do. I'm not gonna raise taxes on the middle class. I'm not going to increase the deficit. Education is important. I'm not gonig to cut anything that's important enough to borrow from China in order to do it, like defemse spending and the military. I'm going to give you everything you want! How you ask can I do that? Well, just trust me. I'm an honest man who loves his wife and family, I was a governor, I was a successful business man, I saved the Olympics, I could go on and on. No I'm not going to ignore the 47 percent, I support the 100 percent. I haven't changed any of my policies and I don't owe anything to anyone.

(Pay no attention to the pudgy bald man and the Koch Brothers behind the curtain, just listen to me.) I'll say anything: Please, please vote for me. I have to be President!"

Patricia Bern,


Bud Byrd: What could possibly go wrong?

Have we, the American people, become so apathetic, so ill-informed and dim-witted that we are willing to accept, in many cases endorse a candidate for president who willingly lies about or obfuscates his position on issues vital to our future? After the debate, with Romney's lies, stretching of the truth, his denial of his own positions taken, and the declaration by the political punditry that Romney is the winner of the debate and with some polls apparently agreeing, it seems so.

Romney, who has declared many times over that he will cut everyone's income taxes by twenty percent, repudiates the arithmetic that totals the tax cuts to five trillion dollars over ten years. He claims that his tax and spending policies will be revenue neutral. To be revenue neutral, cutting taxes by five trillion will require the elimination of five trillion dollars in expenses. Yet he will not identify the cuts. He prefers to float a level of economic growth assumptions that have not occurred in the best of times in America. Many competent economists and non-partisan fact checking organizations have declared his tax and spending plan (his arithmetic, again) is not plausible. So Romney says to Americans, trust me, it will work out because I say it will.

Maybe when the people have had time to digest Romney's lies, it will be possible that the masses of his supporters will turn away to a more sensible course for America. Unfortunately, for the country, I don't believe that will happen. It seems that we are just too gullible, too dumb-struck or just too apathetic to be concerned about our future as a country, as Americans, and unbelievably, to look out for our own self-interests. America...it will just work itself out, I guess. What could possibly go wrong?

Bud Byrd


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