Letters to the Editor for Oct. 4, 2012

Published: Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, October 1, 2012 at 10:08 p.m.

Just say no to all 11 Florida amendments

The Nov. 6 ballot contains 11 proposals to amend the Florida Constitution. All were proposed by the Florida legislature and not one is worthy of a yes vote. Voters should reject the lot.

No. 1 denies the state authority to require employers to provide health care for employees.

No. 5 gives the Legislature greater control over rules of procedure in the courts.

No. 3 restricts the power of the state to raise revenue, and 2, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 12 provide tax relief to a special few.

No. 9 inconsequentially changes how a university student body president is selected to serve on the Board of Governors.

No. 6 restricts the Legislature's authority to fund abortions and health care plans that cover abortions.

No. 8 weakens Florida's strong policy against intermixing religious beliefs and government policy. We know what can happen when religious zealots control government.

Vote NO on the lot.

Joe Little,


So this is how local government ‘works'

On Sept. 27, the Gainesville Plan Board, by a 3-2 decision, approved a “special-use permit” of Kaufmann Tires to locate a service outlet just east of the fountain and fire station on West University Avenue on the site of the former Whataburger restaurant.

A large group of people from the neighborhoods both north and south of the site turned out, and many spoke eloquently of issues of noise, traffic congestion and environmental degradation of a vulnerable Hogtown Creek in their opposition to the permit.

While four of the five members of the board reported themselves as “conflicted” on the matter, the majority did vote in favor of the permit. Plan Board decisions are final and not subject to review by the City Commission.

Those of us who attended the meeting to voice our opposition left with some sense of futility about how local government “works” in this town.

Jerry Rose,


Better safe than sorry on water use

If ever there was a time to be safe rather than sorry about water conservation, it is now.

Recently, 20 former water management district governing board members urged Gov. Rick Scott to restore the $210 million collectively cut from water regulation budgets. Scott had current board members circulate a rebuttal that is a masterpiece of unsubstantiated accusations, innuendo and unfounded charges.

So much for water regulation; can a deal with Adena Springs be far behind?

Governor, restore the $210 million and let your tame commissioners say no to Adena Springs.

Shirley S. Wiltshire,


Stop the name game foolishness at UF

I'm sure Virgil Hawkins must have been very special if his name is being considered to take the place of J. Wayne Reitz on the UF Student Union. If I were voting on this matter, I would try to determine which individual was more closely associated with that building.

I think Dr. Reitz would certainly win in a fair fight. Didn't he expand the building?

Maybe if students want to change this they might want to make other name changes as well. Why not change the name of the University of Florida itself? Wasn't it around before integration?

Let's stop the foolishness.

Ed Murphy,


Why that photo?

I cringed when I saw the photo on the front page of The Gainesville Sun Saturday, Sept. 29: A local father reacting in horror and agony at the moment he received news of the likely murder of his son.

Was the prospect of increased sales of your tabloid really worth this tragic and offensive intrusion into a man's private grief? Shame on you!

Cendra Gier,


Time to crack down on red light runners

How many tragic deaths and accidents caused by red light runners will it take before the GPD and ACSO begin to enforce the law?

It is common knowledge for anyone who has driven for any length of time in Gainesville and Alachua County that when the light turns green, you had better not press on the gas because of the numerous cars that will be running the red light from the other direction.

I do not understand why the law enforcement agencies do not enforce these traffic laws.

Kevin Gulig,


Can't we imagine?

I picked up my headphones to listen to the song “Imagine,” written and sung by John Lennon in the '70s. Suddenly it struck me: The world is getting farther and farther from his wonderful hope of a “world living in peace.”

He goes on, “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.” Let's remember that.

Harold Benson,


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