Letters to the Editor for Oct. 3, 2012

Gainesville City Hall

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Published: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, October 1, 2012 at 9:45 p.m.

Just say no to the city's annexation bid

I live in the Pine Woods subdivision and recently received a flier promoting annexing in the city of Gainesville.

Curious, I called the number provided, spoke with a representative and found out that once I am annexed — with all the added property tax, mosquito control, storm water, fire service fee, and a surcharge deduction — I will be paying $169.80 more in taxes.

She then explained that I would get a code enforcement program different from the county and a greater representation from the city commissioners.

There are already plenty of “NO annexation” signs up in the neighborhoods. Plus the neighborhood residents, sheriff deputies PBA, and the county firefighters union will walk the streets again against annexation as they have before.

I'm asking city residents to request your city commissions to take this off the ballot.

Paul Fiore,


The media is so helpful to Democrats

With a Democratic president I don't have to daily hear or read the running totals for war deaths, homeless, welfare recipients, food stamp recipients or the hungry. But I do get information on how many women can't get free contraceptives. The media is soooo helpful when there is a Democratic president.

Roy Chapman,


Sun letter writer whines about whining

Thomas Nettles (Voice, 9/27) states: “I'm sick and tired of the whining and bellyaching by people who think we owe our tax dollars to those who won't work but expect a check every month.” This sounds like whining to me.

He also states those getting such checks don't deserve it, and that Romney was correct in his notorious video on the subject.

Nettles, however, just like Romney, never provides empirical evidence to support his position. How does he know what those getting government assistance expect and deserve?

Is he talking about those getting Social Security disability benefits who would love to work but can't due to their severe medical impairments? Or the children whose parents want to work but can't find it?

If Romney is out of touch with those who need governmental assistance most he is not ready to hold the highest governmental position in our society.

Albert Meyer,


Time to get nuclear power off public dole

Away from the horse-race politics this month, two hearings in Florida will have far-reaching implications. In both, citizen advocates are challenging corporate monopolies.

Thursday the Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments that a vague, last-minute add-on to the state's 2006 energy act is unconstitutional. It lets utilities charge customers for nuclear power plants that are too risky for Wall Street and won't produce power for years to come, if ever. They've taken $1 billion and asked for more.

On Oct. 31 a federal panel will hear arguments in Bronson that Progress Energy understated the impacts of its proposed Levy nuclear plant, taking nearly 6 million gallons of water a day from the aquifer and 122 million from the barge canal.

In a fast-changing energy market, these hearings in relatively independent venues can hasten getting the 60-year-old nuclear industry off the public dole to make way for smarter, safer innovations.

Tana Silva,


Time for mainstream media to come clean

The mainstream media needs to come clean on reality with open investigations of: 9/11, the phony Iraq War, climate change, fracking, GMO and factory “foods,” disease, vaccines, dangerous pharmaceuticals, mercury, fluoride and, perhaps most pressing, the unrelenting fear-mongering that will lead to World War III.

We have not been told the truth regarding these issues, but fed an illusion. Media consolidation, loss of the Fairness Doctrine and a two-party monopoly of our government enabled war, oil, chemical, food and drug industries to rule our planet while the Israeli government controls Mideast opinion and dictates our foreign policy ... all to the detriment of the public, the economy and our environment.

So why is there so much filtering of information? Because such a system of never ending aggression and corporate welfare requires secrecy, word-fraud and repetition of falsehood.

Got free speech? Free press? Facts matter!

Randall Lance,


The ACLU is falling down on the job

The American Civil Liberties Union is not doing its job.

Where are their complaints and/or lawsuits reprimanding an NFL player who scores a touchdown, kneels down, simulates prayer then points upward to God in heaven before he rejoins his teammates on the sideline?

This action should be considered unacceptable behavior and banned from the eyes of the viewing public, especially the liberal (progressive) onlookers who go absolutely berserk and into convulsions over this atrocity.

J. Mendenhall,


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