Dr. Scott Medley: Spirit of Gainesville nominee

Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 2:06 p.m.
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Scott Medley has known from the time he was very young he wanted to be a doctor. What he did not envision back then is where he would wind up at the end of his career – as Chief Medical Officer of North Florida Regional Medical Center. Born in a small town in the Appalachians, Dr. Medley graduated from the University of Kentucky and finished medical training in the US Army. He came to Gainesville to lead the family medicine residency program at the University of Florida in 1979 and has been here ever since. He went into private practice and applied for privileges at both North Florida and Alachua General. In 2009, he became Chief Medical Officer at North Florida Regional and poured himself into his work here.


Category: Medicine

About Dr. Scott Medley

Occupation: Retired Physician/Chief Medical Officer

Years in Gainesville: 30+

Spouse: Faye

Children: Evan and Katy

Dr. Scott Medley recently retired as Chief Medical Officer at North Florida Regional Medical Center. He left a legacy of quality healthcare delivered with absolute caring and passion. Dr. Medley was on our medical staff for 30 years and was our Chief Medical Officer for the last 2 years prior to his retirement. His commitment to service and patients is outstanding and much appreciated at North Florida Regional Medical Center and always will be – long after he has left our campus. It is for this reason that we support his nomination for the 2012 Spirit of Gainesville Awards.

Dr. Medley’s personal mission is to provide the best possible care to all patients while demonstrating compassion, caring and integrity. His passion for providing safe, quality care was evident everyday as he made rounds throughout the hospital, assisting with admissions from the ED and discharges from the inpatient units.

His work ethic went beyond the call of duty, often working long hours. He was known to respond to and stay with a patient in crisis until they were stabilized or until their attending physician arrived and could assume care.

Once, one of his patients called him and said she was not feeling well but had an annual checkup that week. After the checkup the woman said she was still not feeling wel, and Dr. Medley recommended she get to the Emergency Room right away. It turned out she had meningitis, and without Dr. Medley’s insistence she might not have survived. To show her appreciation, she sends yellow roses to Dr. Medley each year on her birthday. She believes Dr. Medley saved her life. The photo that accompanies this nomination is of Dr. Medley with those yellow roses.

Dr. Medley’s compassion extended beyond patients and families as he consistently mentored new medical staff to enable them to become successful. He “adopted” physicians who were struggling out of residency to encourage and support them. Dr. Medley’s tremendous respect for and outstanding collaboration with his colleagues, nursing staff and other healthcare providers set him apart from his peers. He was instrumental in gaining physician support and accountability to ensure that all core measures were in the 90th percentile at North Florida Regional Medical Center.

With the support of his wife Faye and his children – Evan and Katy – Dr. Medley became a community leader, too. Dr. Medley’s contributions to the community were unrelenting and invaluable. He served as President of the local Medical Society, is Past President of the Chamber of Commerce and currently serves as editor for the local medical society newsletter. He is a member of the Advisory Board for Mercantile Bank and has served on the Advisory Board for the Cardiovascular Program at Santa Fe College. He has promoted the visibility of our facility in the local media at every opportunity and has clearly opened doors in the community, enabling us to partner with many local businesses and key political leaders.

Wherever he is and whatever he is doing, Dr. Medley applies his core beliefs. He says the secrets to his success are really very simple – treating everyone the same and giving each person trust and respect. Another secret to Dr. Medley’s success was his wonderful sense of humor. It helped him build wonderful relationships with physicians and staff at North Florida Regional Medical Center and guide the delivery of truly excellent healthcare. We believe that the measure of people as rare as Dr. Scott Medley is that – even when they have moved on to a new era in their lives – what they built remains in the place that was blessed to have them. Such is the case with Dr. Medley. We know he has retired and are happy for him to enjoy this time in his life. We also continue to benefit each and every day because he left a part of himself here, and that makes a world of difference.

Submitted by Pamela Rittenhouse

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