Sherri Kalishman, RN,BSN: Spirit of Gainesville nominee

Published: Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, September 7, 2012 at 11:09 a.m.

I nominate Sherri Kalishman, RN, BSN, owner of Champion Home Healthcare and Director of Express Training Services.


Sherri Kalishman


Category: Medicine

About Sherri Kalishman

Occupation: Owner of Championhomehealth care

Years in Gainesville: 9

Spouse: Tony Kalishman

Children: 4

Sherri has been in the medical field for most of her life, her father being an owner and administrator of several healthcare facilities with on-site training for employees, she loved going to work with her father, so as a little girl she knew she wanted to be a nurse.

In 1986 sherri received a BSN at Binghamton University, then went to work as a nurse in acute and long-term care settings. In 1988 she developed a training program in a nursing home where her father once worked, she has been teaching and supervising CNA's every since.

Her and her husband Tony Kalishman settled in Gainesville and in 2004 opened up Express Training Services and in 2006 Champion home healthcare. Tony works at her side and is with her on this provision. Tony is co-owner of Champion home healthcare and Director of admissions at Express training services.

Sherri provides the finest personal home health care with well trained and personable caregivers, nurses, home health aides to indiviuals needing homehealth care as well as to those institutions requiring medical staffing.

Her services assist of personal care, reminders of medications, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation and much more!

Her services enhance the indiviual's quality of life and allows the person to remain in the comfort of their own home. It also gives the entire family a peace of mind and comfort. Her clients are not all elderly, anyone needing assistant, from parapalegic, to broken hips, wound care, clients with Alzheimers, dementia, veterans, post-surgical procedures, etc.

Some of her clients are at the end of life stages with maybe months to live, Sherri and her staff come in and provide live-in help, companionship, support and unconditional care, which is indescribable at a time such as this. It is a gift to be a part of this experience. Her services are in, Baca Raton (2), Ft .Lauderdale, Gainesville, Jupiter ,Stuart, Melbourne, Vero Beach, West Palm Beach.

Sherri also is Director of Express Training Services which teaches entry level health care workers, providing quality education in an ever-changing health care environment.

With Express training she teaches students of all ages and all walks of life, she have had people come whom had challenges in life and thought that no one else would help them nor take them in to give them a second chance, but Sherri and her staff have compassion to anyone with the courage and willingness to succeed. These services are in Gainesville, Destin, Fort Myers, Lake City, Naples, Ocala, Pensacola, Vero Beach.

Sherri's main areas of contribution to the community is in education and Homehealthcare.

We all deserve a chance at an education, Sherri puts a great time and effort in continuing education. For those who are seeking, she provides day and evening classes, weekend classes, some payment plans. Everyone benefits from Sherri's efforts. She is not only providing the education, she can also hire on staff indiviuals after completing their education, so a lot of times guaranteed jobs come from her services. Her work in this area will continue in the future, she's looking into further areas in need of education, education in radiology is one she's looking to add on.

And I feel we all need a peace of mind and care for our loved ones, it's wonderful to be able to live at home vs. living in a nursing home and long hospital stays. Her homehealth care is so personable and so needed words cannot fully explain.

With Champion homehealth everyone from the client to the entire family benefits. She will continue to broaden her base, continue to visit the hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices, veterans hospitals to insure everyone in need of her services are well informed. She puts a great amount of personal sacrifice in homehealth care, she visits with the family herself before sending a caregiver, then she keeps in touch by telephone weekly, and revisits once a month. If there is a call in and no one to fill in, Ssherri will go out and take care a clients herself. She is on call 24hours daily.

Sherri has been a participant in the Senior Alliance in Marion County. She work with case managers, hospital liasions, VA' hospitals for veterans, doctors, to continue her efforts in providing the care needed for clients.

She and her husband Tony Kalishman are doing a great work in the community of Gainesville, and are avid "Gator Fans", part of their fun times are at Gator games.

I nominate Sherri Kalishman for her tireless work in providing education, jobs, health care and a peace of mind to our families and loved ones. Sherri is changing the community, Sherri is changing lives, Sherri is making a difference!

Submitted by Tamara Lockley

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