Letters to the Editor for Sept. 5, 2012

Published: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 2:04 p.m.

The Waldo police are saving lives

Several years ago in Waldo, a precious little girl came home from school. Her father gave her some money so she could go across U.S. 301 to purchase some ice cream. She did not make it! An elderly lady was going 90 mph over the bridge.

Thank you, Waldo policemen, for doing a great job. Especially when stopping someone with drugs in their car.

When we get our driver's license we are instructed to obey all laws everywhere when driving. Safe driving everyone.

Jane Greene,


Brooks off base in regard to Romney

I have been a huge fan of David Brooks' commentary. His Aug. 29 column, "Romney's enchanted life: a tale fit for a campaign" changed that.

I have liked Brooks' writing because it was clear, well-reasoned, and conclusive. But stilted, contrived, and mean-spirited better describe that column.

If he opposes Romney, he should have the guts to say so and tell us why. Please, no more conclusions such as "If elected, he promises to bring all Americans together and make them feel inferior."

Maybe I'll still read Brooks' columns, but I am no longer a fan. One more such column and I'll not read him again.

John Holt,


Cell tower site is a bad idea, unneeded

I oppose the proposal to build a 160-foot cell tower on the wooded land on Northwest 38th Street, which is zoned for conservation.

The tower builders assure us that it is vital to the safety of citizens in the area who might not have the proper cellphone reception to phone 911. Not one single tragedy was cited.

The access road onto 38th Street for the tower will cost many trees their lives and migratory birds their habitat.

However, we were impressed with the need for this cell tower to save the financial life of the 300 Club, a private swim and tennis club that will profit from the rental of the tower site.

The rest of us will sit in the shadow of a tower that looms above the tree canopy and opens the door to this type of incursion in other residential neighborhoods.

Ruth Swartz,


‘War on women'? Are the Dems kidding?

The president and the talking heads of the Democratic Party claim the Republican Party is waging a war against women. Such a claim is incredulous coming from a party that has Bill Clinton speaking at its convention, worshiped Ted Kennedy, and nominated John Edwards for vice president.

Bill Watson,


We don't need a new bike trail in Haile

I got my money's worth Sunday just read the Sunday editorial and front sections of The Sun.

The Speaking Out by Peter Hirschfeld, "We built it together," Dale McFeatters' "Now a yawner in Charlotte," and the as usual thoughtful comments by friend Bill Hedges were well written and timely.

The Speaking Out about the biomass plant was one of the few positive comments on the issue written: most have been negative.

While Ron Cunningham spoke to the value of the trails in Florida, those of us in Haile Plantation do not see it as such; we cannot afford it now and there is another less expensive alternative. We do not want 10-foot wide paths in our community.

Many friends haven given up on The Sun, preferring to get their news on TV or by computer. To me it is a bargain, and I still have half the paper to read.

Barbara Collett,


Don't ignore these special athletes

I find it distressing that there has been so little coverage about the athletes competing in the Paralympic Games. The Disability Act that we are so proud of does not seem to dispel the fact that those with disabilities are regarded as second-class citizens. No need to even mention their accomplishments.

Days were spent covering the "regular" Olympics. Were those young competitors the only real athletes? What about the young athletes who are competing now?

Doris E. Gennaro,


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