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Published: Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 9:59 p.m.
Last Modified: Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 9:59 p.m.

Skylar Bell, 41, is general manager of Chuy's Mexican Food, which opens June 26 at 3410 SW Archer Road.

How long have you worked for Chuy's: “Since 2010. I also worked for the company as an hourly employee at the University of Texas quite a while ago. I came back and did my training in Austin in our home city and immediately left and opened a location in College Station, Texas, in February 2011, so I'm moving here directly from there.”

How are you getting ready: “It's like extreme restaurant makeover in the building right now. There's 16 different crews working on everything imaginable. It won't look at all how it did when we got it. Obviously, hiring is a big part of it so we're busy every day with our interviews and the hiring process.”

What impression will people get when they enter Chuy's and when they leave: “There should definitely be visually a wow factor. We bring a really unique décor package that's evolved over time as we've built stores coming out of Texas. We have a great crew of artisans we rely upon to bring out the quirky and funky culture of our company, from a thousand hand-carved fish hanging from the ceiling to giant metal palm trees in the dining room. It will be bright and vibrant. When they leave what they'll be impressed by is the freshness of our food. We literally make everything by scratch. We have someone making tortillas every day. All sauces are built from scratch. All marinades are done in-house. The final piece will be service, so we're picking the best of the best from a thousand to find the best team possible.”

What do you think of Gainesville so far: “It's pretty. It's more rolling than I expected. There's already several good options for Mexican food that we're going to be able to expand upon. There are a lot of interesting people. We've already had a thousand applicants with so many different backgrounds and so many different interests that it's inspiring.”

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