2 men sue John Travolta

Published: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 12:35 p.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 at 7:50 p.m.

Two unidentified massage therapists are suing John Travolta in federal court for a total of $2 million. Both allege that Travolta sexually assaulted and masturbated in front of them in two separate incidents.

The massage therapists, identified only as "John Doe No. 1" and "John Doe No. 2" in a civil complaint filed in U.S. District Court in the Central District of California on Tuesday, claim that in two separate incidents in January, Travolta acted inappropriately with them while he received massages. In both instances, he exposed himself to the masseurs and grabbed their genitals in an attempt to make sexual advances toward the men, the suit says.

Travolta lives with his family in Anthony. His California-based attorney, Martin Singer, issued a statement regarding the release of the second sexual assault claim against the actor, saying the claims were "false and fabricated."

"This second ‘anonymous' claim is just as absurd and ridiculous as the first one. The attorney who filed the lawsuit on behalf of his second anonymous client, who does not want to disclose his name although he is required to do so, was notified that his first client's claims were totally false and fabricated, since our client (Travolta) was not in LA when anonymous ‘Doe No. 1' claims he interacted with John Travolta," Singer said in an email statement.

Other news reports on Tuesday indicated that Singer planned to file a countersuit on behalf of Travolta against the first masseuse to come forward for malicious prosecution.

In the first claim, the plaintiff alleges Travolta picked him up in a black Lexus SUV and took him to the Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan. 16, presumably for a massage.

According to the lawsuit, once inside the hotel room, Travolta stripped naked in front of the massage therapist and got a massage. About an hour into the massage, the lawsuit alleges, Travolta began to get playful with the massage therapist, sliding down a towel to reveal his buttocks and reaching over and starting to rub the massage therapist's leg and grabbed and rubbed his genitals.

The massage therapist alleges he pulled away and exchanged some words with Travolta.

The masseur "explained that he did not have sex with his clients and that expecting sexual situations when people are providing paid services was essentially prostitution," the lawsuit states. "Defendant (Travolta) then tried to act like it was a simple misunderstanding."

After that exchange, the lawsuit asserts, Travolta began to masturbate in front of the massage therapist and asked him "to say something nice to him."

Travolta then went on to scream at the massage therapist and called him "selfish," according to the lawsuit.

Travolta told the masseur that he himself "got where he is now due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his ‘Welcome Back Kotter' days," the lawsuit states. He then allegedly ranted about Hollywood's culture of sexual exploitation for gain.

The lawsuit alleges Travolta then tried to persuade the massage therapist to have sex with him, but the masseur threatened to call police. After the exchange, the lawsuit states, Travolta drove the man back to where he was picked up and paid him $800, double what he was owed for the massage.

The second alleged incident happened on Jan. 28 in an Atlanta hotel room, the suit said. The second masseur alleges that he gave a massage to Travolta, who had "a strange demeanor (and) bloodshot eyes."

According to the lawsuit, Travolta wanted the masseur to massage his buttocks area and then eventually turned over. Travolta grabbed the masseur's legs, buttocks and genitalia, and the man pulled away. Travolta began to masturbate with about 15 minutes left in the massage session, the lawsuit alleged.

Both plaintiffs demand a jury trial, while the U.S. District Court has urged both parties to find an "alternative dispute resolution" to settle the dispute.

"Our client will be fully vindicated in court on both of these absurd and fictional claims," Singer said in the email statement.

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