Letters to the Editor for March 1, 2012

Published: Thursday, March 1, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 5:12 p.m.

Homeless not hurting downtown's business

Thank you to Anthony Clark for the Feb. 29 article on how good downtown is doing. The homeless and their advocates have always known the immoral laws imposed on the downtown homeless were only punitive and mean.

The homeless and the more fortunate who at this time have a home are fine together. It is a shame that laws such as the 130-meal limit allowed so many veterans, children, the elderly, pregnant, the disabled and others go hungry.

Let us also give the taxpayers of Gainesville a thanks because it was their money that built downtown through the Community Redevelpment Act.

Pat Fitzpatrick,


Language confuses in racial relations

The Feb. 20 story in the Gainesville Sun reporting all-orange day at Gainesville High School illustrates how awkwardly we talk about race relations — even in this learned community where on the surface relationships between whites and blacks have been mutually respectful for a few decades.

The story's first sentence contained the phrase "racial solidarity" to designate a consensus antipathy to racist ideas of blacks and whites alike. We would more likely expect the phrase "anti-racist solidarity."

I'm grateful the story came with a correcting headline: "Students sticking together ‘to oust idea of racism'."

Blacks and whites, I believe, have serious difficulties in discussing the repugnant ideas and behaviors that constitute racism. One source of difficulties may be the ambiguities of language that allow easy misunderstanding.

Are we avoiding discussions that are needed to bring us closer to being "all one family," as one GHS student remarked?

Phillip Martin,


Bullying and hazing cannot be tolerated

There are times when we must make stern moves. Bullying and hazing require those actions.

Students who violate the rights of others because of size differences should be thrown out of school with no appeal. These students do not care about others and never will if they are merely slapped on the wrist.

Let not this conduct grow into something much worse. Universities must not allow the old vicious hazing rituals. We are at a point where tough love is required.

Dennis H. Wilson,


Hold the robo-calls

Thanks to all the people of Gainesville for resisting what Nathan Skop was selling. I was really annoyed by the five robo-calls I got Sunday from him and his supporters. This record number of calls eclipsed the previous total of four calls in one day. And they kept coming. The last was about noon on Election Day.

Too bad, I had already voted.

If this was the kind of campaign that results from "Citizens United", I'm afraid of what November will bring.

Katherine Castle,


Be fair on biomass

One would think that The Sun would publish a balanced slate of opinions on the biomass issue. Not true. I have written several pro-biomass letters that have gone unpublished.

Be honest biomass opponents, you are getting your fair share of press so stop complaining about bias at The Sun.

Anyone who tells you that they know the biomass plant will raise rates in the long run is either na´ve, or more likely, lying to you. Nobody knows how much coal, natural gas, wind, solar and even biomass will cost in the future. That is why we need a diverse portfolio.

Tom Lyons,


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