A lesson in spiritual eating

Don Colbert, an Orlando physician and author, performs a faith healing during the Health and Healing Convention last Friday evening at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center. Right is his wife, Mary Colbert.

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Published: Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
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Dr. Don Colbert, a world renown family practice and anti-aging medical doctor in Orlando, visited northeast Gainesville with tips on how to live a longer, healthier and more holy life by choosing the right foods to eat.



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Colbert and his wife, Mary Colbert, were the featured guests at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center Gainesville 2012 Health and Healing Convention held last Friday night at the church's east location at 1414 NE 23rd Ave.

Before introducing Colbert, Pastor Kenneth Claytor of Spirit of Faith told the nearly 300 parishioners in attendance that "you are about to be blessed with information that can add 10 to 15 years onto your life."

Mary Colbert, who spoke briefly before her husband, said he has been called "the Luke of today" by Benny Hinn, a televangelist known worldwide for his revival meetings and healing services.

Don Colbert began his speech with a prayer before quoting scripture from I Corinthians 6:19-20. "Our bodies and our spirits belong to God," he said. "You must give your body what God tells you to."

He said the first thing people should do to live healthier is to eliminate sugar and wheat from their diets, which will make their waistlines smaller. He said as the waistline of a person increases, so do their chances for getting arthritis, cancer, depression, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases.

"Your waistline should be half of your height in inches," he said. "If you are 6 feet tall, that is 72 inches. Your waistline should be 36 inches or less."

He referred to giving up certain foods as "laying them on the altar," and he said foods made from corn should be "laid on the altar."

He said foods people should eat include a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds that are raw and not processed. He also said people should eat lean meats, such as beef and turkey that are not processed and from animals that are fed grass.

He also said don't "cook the life out of their food," and slice meat into thinner pieces before cooking. Furthermore, he said don't eat a lot of meat.

When it comes to bread, he said gluten-free millet bread is better because it is extremely healthy.

Colbert also said it is important to drink a lot of filtered water and avoid tap water because it is the "same water that is in your toilet."

He also said it is good to drink green and black tea and organic coffee is "one of the best things you can drink."

He also said drinking juice from organic celery and asparagus made in a blender "lowers blood pressure more than anything I've ever seen."

Throughout his hour-long speech, Colbert continually emphasized the importance of parishioners getting control of their flesh by letting their mind lead their spirit.

"You must get your mind under control of the spirit and the flesh will follow the mind," said Colbert, adding that the flesh will lead you to fast-food restaurants rather than healthy food choices.

He said it is also important to get eight hours of sleep a night.

"A lack of sleep will age you rapidly," he said.

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