Letters to the Editor for Jan. 18, 2012

Published: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 4:46 p.m.

All that's missing from east Gainesville

Your Jan. 15 "Opportunities" editorial postulates "All that's missing (from east Gainesvile) are visionary entrepreneurs who...." Not quite!

East Gainesville is lacking good transportation links with west Gainesville! Would an entrepreneur living on the west side torture themselves snaking through town to get to the east side every day? I'm fairly sure that's part of what caused GTEC to flop!

The labor pool on the east side is faced with an even bigger challenge: getting to jobs on the west side if they rely on the bus (RTS). Taking a bus from the Airport/Waldo Road/Job Corps area to the Highway Patrol/Senior Center/Northwood area would take most of a day!

Throughout civilization great cities resulted from good transportation infrastructure. East and west Gainesville are separated by inadequate arteries of commerce.

George Braun,


Combat Marines can't afford to back off

Recently a few good Marines have been making face and print time for the media and talk time for some politicians. Unfortunately, most of it has been negative.

All combat soldiers must hate the enemy if they are to survive in a combat situation. Back off the hate and lose the alertness, you become the one lying in the ditch with your blood staining foreign soil.These Marines should be decorated for doing an excellent job. They are well-trained, motivated American warriors.

Richard F. Coleman,


Case for new nuke plants is very weak

When Progress Energy cannot effectively repair its existing nuclear plant at Crystal River, how can one feel secure about the proposed Levy County nuclear plants?

Badly designed, poorly constructed, over budget and less efficient than planned are the best things one can say about the existing plant. Factor in the gross level of incompetence shown in the bungled repairs at Crystal River, and it is clear that the proposed plants should never be built. Especially in a flood plain.

Jason Carver,


A property tax moratorium needed

Memo to the county commissioners considering the idea of an impact fee moratorium for developers: How about a moratorium on property taxes for the average citizen instead?

Looking around my area of Alachua County, the last thing we need is more empty houses and vacant storefronts. Developers need to pay their fair share for the privilege of continuing to over-develop our county.

David Jenkins,


Cranes in the sunset, what a great sight

North Central Florida! What a wonderful place for nature lovers to live.

Early evening Friday, during the drive home from work, I witnessed a flight of sandhill cranes silhouetted against the sun at Archer Road and I-75 as they flew west. So reassuring.

Fred W. Schert,


How to change Sen. Oelrich's opinion

If you want to change state Sen. Steve Oelrich's opinion about airboats, then I suggest the following: Strap an airboat onto a trailer, aim it at his house, and run it during the night for his enjoyment.

M. P. Fetko,


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