Letters to the Editor for Jan. 16, 2012

Published: Monday, January 16, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, January 13, 2012 at 11:11 p.m.

The need for quality teaching is essential

After seeing an old friend and former principal for both of my children, Wylie Dixon, I started thinking about our need for quality educators.

Our daughter teaches 4th grade and knows firsthand the struggles that each and every teacher deals with on a daily basis. Until our state makes education a priority, we will continue to lose teachers that could make a difference in a child's life.

It's obvious that some will slip through the cracks, but we are losing far too many teachers due to legislators diverting funds to pet projects that should be going to salaries, technologies and programs that will encourage and excite students to learn.

I'm thankful for the teachers that have hung in there simply because of their love for teaching. Pay them well, support them daily and be a parent that trusts their teacher's instincts.

Wylie will be missed. We appreciate his many years of service to our community.

Martin Werts,


Pay as we go

I have lived in Alachua County since 1967, and I believe it's a pretty wonderful community. But it peeves me to read that a local elected official, once again, is griping about my hometown because she and her ilk don't get enough government perks.

The Sun reported on Friday that County Commissioner Susan Baird appeared at a forum for real estate developers to say there are too many protections for existing neighborhoods and for our community institutions, such as roads and schools. She wants easier profits for her own industry.

Baird seems quick to forget the massive profits developers made just a few years ago from financial deregulation. U.S. taxpayers paid a trillion dollars to bail them out of the mess they made, and now she argues that they shouldn't be accountable for the costs of the infrastructure demands they create.

My community is a decent place to live because we have been paying as we go.

Tom Barnes,


Oh the irony

Interesting irony in former Alachua County Manager Randy Reid's Jan. 8th guest column "Reflections on 12 years in Florida's eden." It was obviously a self-serving farewell letter referring to Eden, God's first home for Adam and Eve.

On the same day, on page one, was an article titled "Preserving land is one thing, using it is another." It referred to the River Styx; the principal river in Hades, i.e., Gainesville's "Swamp of Despondence."

J.R. Billings,

Live Oak

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