Letters to the Editor for Jan. 6, 2012

Published: Friday, January 6, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 5:07 p.m.

Why the high cost of U.S. prescriptions?

I am extremely proud to be an American. But I cannot understand how you can buy prescription drugs outside of the U.S. for a fraction of the price that it costs in our country.

For example, 90 tablets of Lipitor, 80 mg each, costs $124.15 outside of the U.S. and $490.95 here. If you have Medicare Part D, it will cost you only $123, until you have used up your first tier of Part D.

But what if you don't have prescription drug insurance, and what about when you use up your coverage? Then, in either case, you get to pay almost four times as much in the U.S.

I cannot imagine any excuse for us to be treated this way by American pharmaceutical companies or by our own Congress; Can you?

George L. Barnett,


Driving a wedge between Americans

Edward Harmon ("Obama's quiet war on America," 1/3) has written a well-thought out piece that is "spot on." Perhaps an additional aspect is the wedge being driven into our entire society with class warfare; an aspect of the current administration which may be more difficult to overcome than any of the other divisiveness.

It once was something to be ashamed of to be on welfare; people worked, and wanted to work, marriage was a foundation for family, and men took responsibility for their children. We even had females who wanted to be ladies and were proud to set the standards for our society.

Colin M. Jones,


Right-wing blather doesn't make sense

Whenever I read the local right-wing blather in The Sun about the Marxist or socialist mainstream media, and in particular the New York Times, (Dan Taylor 1/1), I'm amazed at how misguided and poorly informed this perspective is.

All the major media outlets (TV, radio, and print media) are owned by major corporations who are hardly going to invest in formats hostile to the institution of private property.

The object of Taylor's scorn, the New York Times, was bailed out of financial difficulties several years back with a $250 million loan from the Mexican billionaire, Carlos Slim, by some accounts, the world's richest person, who also owns a considerable number of shares in the company. It is doubtful that he would invest in, much less rescue, a newspaper in favor of the confiscation of his wealth.

Anthony Oliver-Smith,


Why didn't we stop Obama? Oh, wait ...

In response to Arnie Harris' Jan. 3 letter: I wish someone had stopped President Obama when he ordered troops to invade Iraq. I wish someone had prevented President Obama when he ordered the removal and execution of Saddam Hussein, the leader of a sovereign country.

I wish someone had resisted when President Obama gave billions to banks so their CEOs could get millions in bonuses and golden parachutes.

Oh, wait. That wasn't Obama, that was President G.W. Bush.

I keep forgetting that, as do so many other people. We can keep looking to blame someone, but eventually people will need to work together to pull this country out of the gutter; it is not going to fix itself.

Or we can just start looking for someone else to blame.

Allen Hughes,


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