Terry FitzPatrick: Why more voters are registering independent

Published: Monday, January 2, 2012 at 6:18 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, January 2, 2012 at 6:18 p.m.

A couple of points I would like to make which may help explain why many of us (legal citizens and voters/taxpayers) are switching our party affiliations to independent. We are disgusted with the ineptitude of our legislative branch (both parties) because of their total inability to accomplish that which needs to be done.

One major example is the “energy crisis.” For over forty years we have had one energy crisis after another with Congressional cries of “we need an energy policy,” and then nothing substantive is done. There are some “pie in the sky” attempts with “windmills” (Don Quixote ?) and thousands of acres of solar panels (very high maintenance). Now we are building electric cars, which will heavily tax our already aging electric grid. In case no one has considered this, these cars will be plugged in to recharge during high demand evening hours. We will have rolling blackouts as standard operating procedure.

Until you people develop a realistic and workable energy policy we have a desperate need to get as close to energy independence as we can. You need to wake up and authorize oil drilling here in our country. It’s not the ultimate answer but until you come up with a unified and logical energy policy, it would work.

The insanity of mandating ethanol being produced from corn is self evident. Corn is a major food grain in case you haven’t noticed. It is also widely used in animal feed (beef cattle, hogs, poultry, etc). Using corn for ethanol has pushed the price of corn to impossible levels causing all other dependent products to skyrocket.

Energy is only one of the reasons so many of us are not party members. We seem to have a Congress that can’t get anything useful done, an executive branch that has gotten completely out of hand (with the help of Congress) and a judicial branch that has absolutely no idea what the Constitution guaranties and to whom. They sometimes seem to have taken over the function of Congress. The general consensus of the “ordinary” citizen seems to be, “get back to basics.” We need and want a government that does only what it is Constitutionally directed and permitted to do.

Terry FitzPatrick,


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