Letters to the editor for Oct. 1, 2011

Published: Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 9:56 p.m.

Face it, Ron, you're a doomed liberal

To Ron Cunningham: You are a tool of the corporate media. You are a water carrier for the "progressives." What are you progressing to, anyway?

Liberalism is doomed for one simple fact: Feelings will never sustainably carry an economy or a household budget.

You seem to be an intelligent, passionate man capable of more. Lose the religion of liberalism.

Kris Mann,


Not ‘natural' enough

In his Sept. 27 letter, "Obama isn't legal," Matt Coleman added a twist that a naturally born U.S. citizen should have both of his/her parents also born in the U.S.

Why stop at one generation? Why shouldn't the grandparents also be born in the U.S.? That would give us a nice pool of citizens from which to choose a President!

I would like to add a further twist: A natural born person should also be naturally born. By that I mean a person delivered via C-section should not be eligible to stand for president either.

Virendra Gupta,


The ‘taxing three'

Again our "taxing three" commissioners have decided how much we taxpayers are going pay for all the over-budget non-essential projects they want. Only this time there's a difference!

This time we are going to be happy about our taxes increasing because our property values have decreased. Thus an increased millage rate will result in our paying just a wee bit more in taxes than we paid last year!

Got that? Your net worth has dramatically decreased so you are getting a break with your tax increase.

And Commissioner Mike Byerly stated that the increase amounts to only "a little over ten dollars a head." Could a statement be more self-serving? News flash to Byerly: Not all citizens pay taxes. Averaging is a typical left-wing tactic used to distort the facts. So just how much more is the actual taxpayer going to pay?

Laurie Newsom,


Fooled too long

I fully agree with John Poser ("Those Zany Liberals," Voice, Sept. 28). We have been fooled for far too long and far too often, and it is time to start paying attention to the "job seekers" and stop bailing out the so called "job creators."

We have been reinforcing the wrong behaviors by rewarding irresponsible and self-serving practices and ignoring the needs of our people.

Jose Catasus,


Just go solar instead of going biomass?

In Tuesday's Sun I read the article about the continued issues with the biomass plant. Also, I noticed the price: $500 million for a 100 MW plant.

Another section of the paper had a story about a new solar plant in Gadsden County that will cost $1.5 billion for a 400 MWs.

Why doesn't GRU spend it's $500 million to by a third of this plant, or 133 MWs?

Cheaper power, no truck traffic, no truck pollution or using up precious refined diesel fuel, no biomass to buy, no air pollution or disposal issues. A little more cost for transporting the power here, but well worth it to use clean solar energy.

Seems to me there is more to this story than just building a biomass plant.

Dennis Flath,


GRU's late charge

I am a struggling senior citizen who scrapes by on Social Security. My August GRU bill was mailed out on time, but in error I wrote a check that was ten cents short. When the bill for this month arrived, I saw I was charged a $1 late fee.

Now I know GRU can afford to build that mega-million dollar facility, however they allow thousands of gallons of our precious water to flow for weeks and months from broken water lines, like the one on Live Oak Lane, in Turkey Creek Forest. I called it in on the 17th of September.

S. Kirk,


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