Letters to the Editor for April 1, 2011

Published: Friday, April 1, 2011 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, March 28, 2011 at 11:35 p.m.

Scott's not cruel, he's just correct

Gov. Rick Scott is not cruel, he is doing what needs to be done to get our government back to where it should be, which is out of our lives and less oppressive for the producers in our society.

I do not care what your special social program or favorite government job is, it all needs to be cut. The government is broke and there is not enough money to seize from anyone who has wealth to balance this out-of-control freight train.

Stop crying foul all you progressive liberal types. The government isn't your nanny. That also goes for all you rhino's who call yourselves conservatives. The looters (a.k.a politicians) have finally come to the end of the pillage from the producer (a.k.a. taxpayer) to give to the moocher (a.k.a. entitlement recipient).

The party is over so get accustom to it.

Darrel Kirkland,


Why won't Stearns support the U.S. Constitution?

The most important and legitimately powerful branch in our republic is Congress, but most citizens could not name their congressman and have no clue that we are not a democracy.

Neoconservative Congressman Cliff Stearns held district town meetings on Saturday, which were largely attended by ignorant masses complaining about state issues and asking for unconstitutional government handouts!

Stearns is a real showman and pretends to be the provider of all that is good, rather than educating the citizens on the limited powers of the federal government. He claims to vote on his perception of right and wrong, thus defiantly ignoring his oath to the Constitution.

If you support our unconstitutional wars, foreign aid, nation building, socialized medicine, transfers of sovereignty (free trade agreements), inflation, local subsidies and democracy, then Stearns is your guy.

Lloyd W. Bailey Jr.,


Cutting NPR as deficit reduction is a joke

More than 800 radio stations of rural and small communities that rely on federal support to carry the objective, well-balanced programing of NPR could be cut off.

A House bill, created as an emergency measure in record time, would sanitize our rural public airwaves from anything that isn't radical right propaganda.

This bill was created as a deficit reduction move. The Tomahawk Cruise missiles, fired in our opening salvo of the Libya civil war, cost $75 million plus logistical support.

Six Cruise missiles equals the entire federal funding for NPR. So much for deficit reduction.

Democracy requires an informed electorate, and we are witnessing its disintegration with the shredding of our social, health, environmental and economic safety nets.

Stephanie Sharpe,


Performing arts shine in Gainesville

Gainesville is a wonderful city for the performing arts. We are so fortunate to live in a place that offers so many opportunities for audiences to enjoy live theater.

Even more impressive are the opportunities for young people to participate in theater as a component of their education and training.

Kudos to everyone involved in “Hairspray” at P.K. Yonge. It was an impressive, unforgettable show performed by a group of talented and dedicated singers, dancers and musicians. Bravo!

Jessica Hurov,

Director of marketing,

Hippodrome Theatre


Better hurry up on biomass plant, GRU

Guess what GRU? About 10,000 acres of timberland just burned up north of Gainesville, in Georgia, and the fire is heading south.

Better get your 150 large trucks lined up and fueled and put your tree-burning power plant on the fast track before the trees disappear.

Ski Wokosky,


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