Letters to the Editor - Jan. 20, 2011

Published: Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 4:54 p.m.

Why don't we treat guns like cars?

We do limit the use of automobiles: We must know and understand the laws that govern using one, take a test and pass it.

We must submit to an eye exam, show proof of legal citizenship and pay a fee to acquire a license to drive. The license must be renewed periodically and a fee paid at time of renewal.

Automobiles must be registered with appropriate government offices yearly and a fee paid. Records are kept on accidents, etc. and our license may be suspended/revoked.

And, by law, we must purchase automobile insurance to cover such accidents.

How, then, would having these same rules/regulations, tests and fees limit the use of guns?

Let's limit the use of both cars and guns with education, training, licensing and fees to protect all citizens.

Nancy Grissom,


Who are the haters?

The main point that came out of the tragic shooting in Tucson, Ariz., was how gullible the left/liberals are, including their local Democratic chairman.

Even after it is brought out that the shooter Jared Laughner had mental health issues and he believed in neither party, they come to the conclusion that it is Sarah Palin's fault.

I do not know why the left hates a successful woman, who is a mother of children, and is married to a supportive husband. She basically made it on her own. I do not agree with Obama at all but, don't hate the man; he seems to be a superb father and husband.

Who are the true haters?

Steven L. McAninch,


Two stray bullets

A story in Saturday's Sun told of a man who "fired back at robbers" as they ran away with his wallet. He was not fired "at" (he claimed he was threatened with a knife) so how could he fire "back."

This is an example of responsible gun use? The story tells that the robbery victim got his pistol from his truck and fired two bullets at the fleeing thieves, missing them. Where did those two bullets go? Did they just fall to the ground or hit a car or building or some living thing?

Is it responsible to fire a gun when you aren't sure where the bullet is going? What is an acceptable marksmanship percentage when shooting in the heat of the moment out in the real world? I don't want to be in the area when a "responsible" gun owner misses his intended target.

Neil Beckerman,


CHOICES helps keep us healthy

CHOICES helps fund free flu vaccine for all public and private school children of Alachua County. This public health program protects not only the immunized children, but helps protect the entire community through "herd immunity." This includes CHOICES clients and all of us.

Thank you, CHOICES!

J. Glenn Morris,

Jean Munden,

Dan Boyd,

Jim Stringfellow,

Parker Small Jr.,


Questions about gas

There is a lot I don't understand about the gasoline business:

1) How can Exxon and BP have huge oil disasters and not go bankrupt or suffer severe financial damage?

2) Why doesn't the president regulate the price of gas? (Apparently he can declare police actions that turn into wars.)

3) Our government has bailed out stupid banks. Why don't they bail the general public out of these escalating gas prices?

I can only conclude we no longer have capitalism in our country, we have greedism. Individualism, which once was one of the greatest traits of our country, has turned into self-serving narcissism.

Dave Byrd,


Cut costs first

In response to City Manager Russ Blackburn's "Our city pension fund is sound" (Talking Back, Jan. 17):

The bottom line is that our current commission's response to budget matters is to either to burden us, the citizens, with more taxes or bond us into more debt.

As a business owner, I do not automatically call the bank for another loan or raise prices to solve my financial problems. As most businesses and families do, I first look at cutting costs.

Our City Commission considers cost-cutting a last resort instead of a strategic tool for long-term solvency. That is why Gainesville has, and will continue to have, budget shortfalls. And the citizens will continually be burdened by additional debt, taxes, and fees until we get new leadership.

Rob Zeller


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