Robert Brown: Why guns are not like cars

Published: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 2:10 p.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 2:10 p.m.

After reading an opinion that was published on January 18 titled “Guns are not cars,” I thought I would try to clarify a few things with this mindset.

While “guns are not cars” is true, the analogy that is being used to compared the two, is about the best one that can be use to show the point of view taken by 2nd amendment supports. As a supporter myself, I have used this same analogy of comparing the two multiple times. While the “guns are not cars” seem to be used by the anti-gun groups in response to the comparison, it’s the reason behind the comparison that is actually being ignored.

We read and hear all the time of an individual that has had his license revoked for DUI. This same individual has been caught multiple times driving without a license. This individual finally gets intoxicated and ends up hurting, or worse, killing somebody, while behind the wheel of a car. The immediate blame is towards the individual that committed the crime. Not the alcohol, not the car, and most of the time, not even the judicial system that kept letting him do it.

Now, take an individual, with a lengthy arrest record of multiple crimes, some including violence. They commit a crime using a gun. The immediate blame is that the individual had a gun. The blame is not on the individual or the failed judicial system that released them back into society, the blame falls on the weapon of choice.

This is where the analogy of guns and cars comes into play. If people had the same mindset against all crimes as they do against crimes involving guns, then the cars and alcohol would be to blame in the first example given. This just leaves me wondering, at what point will a person take full responsibility for their actions and not have the blame put on something else.

It comes down to the old saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” If someone is going to commit a violent crime, it doesn’t matter what the laws are, they are going to do it one way or the other. If not with a gun, it will be with something else. All gun control has ever done, is hamper the way law abiding citizens can go about defending themselves lawfully. I, myself, will rely on myself to protect my family and property.

For all the anti-gun groups that believe gun control is a must, ask yourself one question. When was the last time you have seen the police come into a house a stop an armed intruder before they can cause harm? What they will find, is that in most cases, if not all cases of armed invasion and the likes, the police arrive just in time to put up the yellow tape. I protect myself because an officer is too heavy to carry. This is not a fairy tale world we live in. There are bad people and no matter what you do, you will never pass enough laws to wipe all of the bad from the world. It’s reality.

Robert Brown,

Keystone Heights

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