This clever potpourri bird will keep bugs away

Published: Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 10:45 p.m.

When you pack away those sweaters and quilts, include a couple of these clever little potpourri birds to keep the moths and silverfish away. Add a hanger and add to your clothes rack in the closet to help keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean, too.



Three pieces of felt (body color, wing color, yellow, white and black) with coordinating embroidery threads

One large tassel

Hanging ribbon

Pre-mixed potpourri (recipe included)

Moth-chaser potpourri bird

Step one: The bird body is a teardrop shape. You will need to cut two. The wings are half ovals and you will need two of these as well. Also, cut two round circles out of the white for the eyes, as well as two smaller round black circles. Cut a triangle out of the yellow (on the fold).

Step two: Stitch the wings onto the body, making sure that the wings are properly positioned for each side. I used a straight stitch, but other decorative stitches can be used, such as a blanket stitch.

Step three: Stitch the eyes on, with the white circle on the bottom and the black circle on the top.

Step four: Stitch most of the body together, incorporating the tassel for the tail and the hanging ribbon on the top. Leave about a 2-inch space for filling the bird with the potpourri.

Step five: The potpourri best suited for chasing away bugs is a combination of the following:

- Cedar chips

- Lavender

- Rosemary leaves

Step six: Fill the bird with the potpourri (pack it as tightly as you can) and sew the rest of the bird closed. Sew the beak on by folding over the front point of the bird and sewing together. Hang or toss in with the sweaters and quilts to keep them fresh and bug-free.

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