Letters to the Editor - Jan. 9, 2011

Published: Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, January 7, 2011 at 6:04 p.m.

CHOICES expands

A quarter page ad in Thursday's Gainesville Sun announced that CHOICES is offering a free six-week fitness program, including T-shirts, to anybody who would like it. It spends CHOICES tax dollars for the ad and states there is no cost to the participant.

This is the county plan that we marginally approved to provide health care to the working indigent. This program, as advertised, now says that anyone can enroll.

The County Commission is spending our money to advertise an initiative that has no relevance to what we authorized them to do.

Who are these people that we elected? Obviously they do not value our values.

We need to take city and county elections seriously, or accept higher taxes with less responsible performance of our government.

Rod Tuttle


A funny editorial

You cracked me up with your Jan. 7 editorial "Corruption tax".

We just elected arguably one of the most corrupt men in business as our governor, and you lecture him to set up agencies to crack down on state government corruption.

I doubt he will do it. He bought the office for some undisclosed reason. I wonder what he anticipates as his return on investment.

Who is going to demand the sunshine laws are used to expose the corruption?

Why not investigate the specific issues brought up by the grand jury? In years past, newspapers accepted the muckraking task.

My guess is that you are trying to be funny. You succeeded. Good one.

Michael Pellett


A planning failure

In the Jan. 7 article "Subdivision's residents may sue over plans for elementary school," I believe not enough attention was paid to the original agreement between the subdivision and school district during road construction.

If the agreement allowed school traffic along NW 112th Street, it is not right for Wellington Place residents to complain once the school district exercises its rights. This dispute represents a bad land planning job by the county and a lack of foresight.

Perhaps The Gainesville Sun staff could have investigated the public records containing the original agreement, reported the agreement facts, and not solely rely on the statements of the school district.

John Derbish,


Why high prices?

I read Gary Munsterman's Jan. 6 letter regarding gas prices ("What's the real deal about our gas prices?") in Gainesville with amusement. It would not take a Woodward or Bernstein to illustrate the problem: Gainesville and Alachua County tax their citizens into oblivion, with the state chipping in to help.

Go to any surrounding county and gas prices are cheaper. They are even cheaper in Micanopy. If you live close to the Georgia border cross over and you can save 20 cents a gallon.

It does not take a "deep throat" to know we are being gouged by those who want their hands deeper into our pockets for little to no return.

Rick Ford,


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