Linda C. Wilson: Investigating President Obama as campaign strategy

Published: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 3:30 p.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 3:30 p.m.

It's time for the old Rove destruction crew to retool itself and move into crush and kill mode, not unlike the ill-advised impeachment debacle of the Clinton era. The conservatives as they call themselves are pushing an agenda of "No" to everything that the liberals want while painting our President with a broad brush of misbehavior that will warrant, they say, investigations by committees week after week until the next presidential election.

Here's the media's exciting news for Monday; black Monday for the White House it would seem: "Political Meltdown' for White House: Group behind the vast new leak claims docs show US spying on allies, shady backroom deals and corporate lobbying."

So, they set the stage for their big show that will be running for months, come watch us spend government money to stop the President and his people, never mind that they were duly elected by the majority. The storm clouds never part for the Tea Party Clan, they just regroup and go from one opportunity to hate and say "No" to the next. Nothing is sacred if it gets in the way of tax cuts.

While claiming to cut government, Republicans are eating up government benefits and tax breaks, handouts for corporations and anything that comes their way while the Congress threatens our Medicare and Social Security. While Bush fiddled with Saddam at a huge cost to the American taxpayer, his buddies on Wall Street put America in the tank. Now, the Tea Party of "No" screams from the mountains to the oceans: "Obama did it, down with Obama!"

This is so sad to see adults running in front of cameras with Obama made up as a black Hitler on their hate signs. It shows that some people will do anything, say anything and try everything, to make more money and to not pay their share of taxes. Truth be told, most of the big corporations are paying as little as they can, while the Bible-slappers want the churches to do all the welfare work and get off the government teat. I say, "You first, Buddy, give up your good health care, your Social Security and your Medicare!"

I hope we can reach a place to live and let live, and stop this seemingly right-wing wave of hate and corruption. Stop the tax breaks for the rich, and let some of that gravy trickle down. We have one in every seven families in the U.S. without enough food to eat. We need some grace and compassion from the far right instead of investigating our President on the taxpayer's dime.

Linda C. Wilson,


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